Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Lookie what arrived on my front door step via Fed-Ex today! ;) OwenJulesMommy - sent me my first Birthday gifty! I'm so happy with my bag! - TY, TY, Thank you!

Good bye old plaid purse... now there is a new bag with lots of inside pockets to keep me organized!

and this photo is thanks to me tippy toe-ing as high as I could to get all of the bag in the mirror in the photo in the half bath ;) LOL

you see anything extra in here???

the bonus wallet and key chain are perfect!!!!

the photo doesn't show as well as in person... but at the top (under stripe fabric) is a bill holder... then another at the bottom and then see that seam on the pink stripe? those are 2 credit/debit card holders on top of the bill holder pocket ;) too cool.

Under the polka dot change holder were folded pleats to make it a pocket for the change... I know you could make these too IowaLisa to add to the "Lisa Bags" you are already making... ;)

Past blog readers may recognize this fabric... I bought these fabrics at Hobby Lobby in April and took with me on my retreat to Manchester, NH to use for making this bag. After I got there... I realized I had not completed ALL of my "homework" and quilted my fabric... so I spent my time sewing the quilting stitches... while the rest of the class made their purses... plus that just as the class got underway - David and Nora called for bedtime prayers and since this was the 1st night I couldn't not take the call... ;)

I did have other chances to get caught up but for whatever reason, sewing purses are not my "thing" so I sent what much of it I had completed home with my teacher.. and told her she could have it. Well today she surprised me ;) Just in time for my Birthday too! ;) The wallet and key chain are extra bonuses!!...

So readers, do you sew bags??? If so, the pattern is called "The Miranda Bag" by Lazy Girl Designs.

Many friends at the retreat used the different types of store handles, (you can see IowaLisa's bag here) but I wanted the fabric strap type b/c for me with 3 kids having it over my shoulder just made more practical. With real handles it does give the bag a dressier look - but I feel very fancy considering the diaper bag I've been hauling around for months....

I love my "Miranda Bag" - thanks again Christine! You are an awesome friend to finish up this for me... if I had brought it home from retreat in the state it was... then it would remain a UFO hidden in a closet upstairs for years.

Can't wait to show it off ;) Lots of room for my things and also a couple pull-ups and wipes for the twins. ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. LOVE IT!! and i really need that wallet pattern.. gonna have to give a shout out to christine to get it from her!!

    ENJOY it girl!!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! How cool! Do you know the name of the wallet pattern?

  3. You Luck girl! Such a wonderful birthday gift....I'm inspired to get out that pattern and make it up for myself, I am tired of the bag I am using right now! Thanks Bonnie!!

  4. Your bag turned out SO cute...I should put mine together. Maybe after I get my sewing room unpacked.
    Oh...I just read on KatiCupcake that you were a winner of 7 patterns!! How exciting!! Congrats :)


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