Thursday, July 23, 2009

guess who found my Sock Monkey cup you gave me?

I thought my friend Lisa-TX would get a kick out of these pics I took today of Nora when she found the Sock Monkey cup when I was at her home this past April... and then after I emailed Lisa, I thought maybe my readers would enjoy them too :)

We got to play in the "Real" sewing room today - I moved everything upstairs about 2 weeks ago to get the DR cleared out to repair some drywall so everything is jumbled up in the guest bedroom.... like searching for long lost treasure ;) I still have a long way to go before it's all put away, but for now it's cleaned up enough to get started on a few projects ;)

Nora uses it for mixin up some of her good home cookin... uham, plastic necklaces b/c she loves the "CRUNCH" sound they make when she pokes the blue stick thingy... ;)

and what is that on the design wall behind Nora??..... some more of the My Blue Heaven blocks that Crazy'boutquilts and I are swapping with one another. I'm trying to whip out another 24.. a dozen for her and a dozen to keep. ;)

Sewing in the same room as the new design wall is SO FUN!!! I can actually line everything up on it, then match pairs and place on a ruler and take to the machine to chain stitch them all.. then pressing.. then back to the design wall - like putting together a puzzle! I feel like a "Real" quilter now that I bought myself this deisgn wall. How did I get by without it so long?? This is so much more fun and faster - I may never move my machine back downstairs to the dining room agian... ? But don't hold me to that. LOL :P

I'm in love with these blocks - and it helps that I had all of my homework completed before I even got started on them today ;) They should be ready to go in the mail squishy with the 30's Jewel Boxes by the weekend;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Cute gal in those pictures....love your design wall an what is one it...

  2. Hi Bonnie.....Rhonda here! "Sew" happy that you have chosen my Carpenter's Wheel design as your -next swap project. It is quick and easy.....the hand-quilting on it took me longer to do than anything. Visit any time.
    Take care.


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