Monday, July 27, 2009

Mail Call -7/23/09 4patches from Subee

I don't think I posted a photo of this last week - but our second batch of scrappy 4-patches arrived from swapper Suebee. Which by the way - you have to stop over Sue's blog and take a look at 2 of her Bonnie Hunter Myustery Quilts that she posted on my birthday 7/26 ;) Both are so very pretty - she really did a fabulous job making the pattern come alive!

And if you scroll on down her blog you'll see her current project on her design wall - I just la,la,love that block! ;) It is super cool how it intertwines together... and her colors are perfect.

Well, I hope to run to the Mailbox and More store today if my helper comes... I need to mail off a packages - this one to my friend nancyc20 - look what I found at a yard sale - all for $0.50! If Diane doesn't come today - then I'll head out on my own with the kids tomorrow. It is pouring rain today and I'm not wanting to get all of us wet since Diane didn't come.

I also have another package to crazy'boutquilts (my 30's jewel Boxes and also our My Blue Heaven blocks) They're all done and I'm excited to get the Jewel Boxes back and start setting together. I've already began researching boarder options. Looks like most people add a thin inner boarder and then a piano key boarder... I'd like something different as my other 1930s BOM quilt has a piano key boarder (uham, still in progress from over 2 years ago...)

I shot JudyL a message on emial or Facebook last week to ask if she had ideas?? It wasn't that long ago she was asking for suggestions on quilts that her readers would like ideas and help on. I'm curious as to what she will suggest as she is so great at the finishing touches when it comes to boarders for her quilts. ;)

Well I'm expecting lots of squishies this week as the due date of 8/1/09 is quickly approaching for the scrappy 4 patches I'm hosting for the "Christmas Lights" mystery project.

The dining room was cleared out for repair and yesterday I finally got around to reloading the china hutch... after the carpets are cleaned then I'll move the table and chairs back into the room - just in time for the "swap boogie" ;)

Seems like forever since my last swap I hosted.....were the mini 9 patches my last thing? I'm sure it is a lot like riding a bike... you never forget how ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Bonnie, I couldn't get the link to Suebees blog to work. I'd love to see the quilts.
    I also love the color of your dining room.
    My 4patches should be showing up any day now.

  2. How lucky to find those needlework packages... On the top row third from left is one I've been looking for...

  3. Bonnie,
    I am so glad my patches made it to you safely. I had regretes about using straight pins to secure them...no brains...could see them hurting a postal employee!
    My new mag came with Bonnie's part#2 inside.
    And yes, my mag scripts are 2 years or longer and I still get renewal notices!
    XOXOXO Subee


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