Thursday, July 30, 2009

A few things I worked on yesterday

Paul Thomas and I worked on A LOT of this ;) He's really getting the hang of it too....

He just doesn't know how to keep his stickers in a row yet and I don't care... but eventually when he fills up a row he'll earn a snack size bag of M&Ms. ;)

During nap times I worked a little in the sewing room taking these off of the design wall... I mailed the other half to crazy'boutquilts yesterday... and I did "a little" cuttin....

After I picked up Nora from Kidz Camp, we made a "little stop" for one of these...

You can't hear me... but in the photo I'm saying Mmmm! Mmmmm! It was Soooo Goood! Girl Scout Tagalong fans, you have to try this!!! ;)

and when I got home I found a little surprise in the mailbox! I was hoping for my next Quiltmaker Magazine (anxious for part 2 of Bonnie's mystery) but this one was in there instead! Which is just as cool. I love this magazine! ;) How is it that every cover photo is BEAUTIFUL???!! I want to make them all!

Oh and most of the day was spent doing A LOT of laundry, mostly of "little" clothes... and also in between laundry and potty training I squeezed in a little computer time, and a little stitching...

and Nora's last Wednesday of Kidz camp was today - and she worked on a lot of stuff too. Look at all of the things she made and brought home. The big wire circle was made form a hangar to blow bug "BuVULLs Bigger than my head momma!"

and after supper while I cleaned up - we worked on a LOT of laughter! :) with Nora's new silly face glasses.

What a fun day!

Oh before I go - let me show you a "little" something... I love the magaizne you saw above - I subscribed starting this year b/c I've been picking up several issues over the past few years and I am not disatisfied at alll... but take a look at this.

Again, I just started my subscription in January.... so I knew right away it has not been a year... and already? I'm getting a renewal notice? with a 08/29/09 due date??? come on...

and look by the blue fingernail... EXP Feb 11. Wowzers they want their money a full 6 months in advance....? I don't think so people...

Am I the only one who has noticed this?

EDDITED TO ADD: OOPS! My mistake... not 6 months but 18 months before my renewal date! They are just wasting their paper sending me this... in the trash it went. Although I wish I had kept that "no postage required" envelope... to write them a letter telling them they are nuts if they think I'm gonna prepay that far in advance!

Love from Texas!


  1. Hey Bonnie ~~ good show on the mag label! I've noticed that too... that's why I always track mine in my checkbook by highlighting, cause they will get ya!

    And BTW ~ that Feb 11 is a year from next Feb ... so they want there's a full year AND a half! They're good!

  2. Busy, busy...life of a mom! I love all your pics with the glasses, so cute!

  3. Cute potty training tactic. Whatever works for the kid. My son, who is now 11 years old was potty trained by getting shiny pennies :) He loved hearing the gingling in his pockets and getting the shiny pennies each time he did his dootie. I had a jar of them by the bathroom window and would let him pick his own each time. After he went to sleep at night, I would empty his pocket and refill the container. He was totally potty trained by the time he was 2! I guess it helped too that he had a super daycare provider with a little boy that was 4 and wanted to be just like him. Love your quilt on your wall - looks like mine too! Dawn

  4. What sweet pictures!

    Yes, I noticed that I'd get a renewal notice months in advance, was never sure if I was going to get the last few months of the "agreement"! It's confusing!
    I'll have to go find that magazine and peek at the projects.

    Those are greatest "silly" pictures!

    Enjoy your Summer - It's almost time to go the Fair! Looking forward to seeing the quilts!


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