Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Granny's Attic Going Out of Business LOOT

Before David and I left on our 4th of July Vacation home to Kentucky, I already knew that I had missed our hometown's LQS's Going Out of Business Sale at Granny's Attic.

They held it the weekend before I arrived but b/c I'm friends with the owner and she's so sweet - and there were still several bolts leftover... Karen and I talked on the phone and she said that she'd make time to open up for Nora and I if we had time to come over the weekend of the 4th.

With LQS quality fabrics priced at a steal of a deal (reduced to only $2.49 yard and FQsonly $0.75!!) of course we could meet her at her shop on her schedule!!! ;) Look at the closeup shot of all the Civil War fabrics she still had left!!! (((My favorites!)))

Also there were a few end of the bolt pieces on a table. The Halloween fabric was one I thought maybe could be used as a backing piece or fussy cut or boarder? The blue and pink fabrics in the above photo were ones that Nora really liked... and that Green fabric with the black print was Gorgeous!!! I just had to have 4 yards of it!! ;) That shade of green is hard for me to find!

Here are a few more that were so pretty. They kind coordinate don't they? I didn't even notice until after we got home that perhaps they could work together in a tote/purse? Not that I make purses or anything...... uham, remember my Miranda Bag story from the COF Retreat? :P

and this one above the photo doesn't show it but there is a tiny bit of lavender in between those red flowers and gold dots. It really is so pretty! (no idea yet on what it will be used for but I love this olive color)

A few of these in the above photo I do have plans for - in the CYOC (choose your own colors) string swaps I participate in often someone will often request Christmas colors so I picked a few bolts of "Traditional" Christmas colored fabrics... wish there had been more but glad that Karen's slae last weekend was a good one!

OH and guess who's loot is in the above photo??? Yep, Nora's! She was as bad as me picking bolts and carrying up to the cutting table for Ms. Karen to cut! Thankfully Karen didn't mind cutting only 1/4 yards for Nora's stash. ;) Nora also choose 11 FQs and I selected 2 yards of that pink on the bottom left thinking it would be a good boarder or backing piece to go with the other light pinks she choose.

Oh and of course I la,la,love neutrals and am always needing them for the scrappy backgrounds I like to use in my quilts. Some of these I had purchased from Granny's Attic before on past visits. These were the only 5 bolts left of neutrals... so I got 2 yard cuts of each. Along with some fusable grid stuff... that I think I will experiment with using for a Halloween project sometime later this year. Anyone have any advice on using this stuff??

And I've been saving the best photo for last... my favorites - 21 Civil War fabrics (2 yard cuts) by Marcus Brothers and Windham Fabrics. Mmmm!

Karen has an owner of another quilt shop from out of town that is coming over soon to buy the rest of what she has and add it to their store. I'm really sad to see our hometown loose this quilt store but understand her reasons to do so. She never had a bolt priced over $6 - most was just under $5/yard but the locals couldn't handle the "sky high" prices. After Walmart pulled the fabric department you'd think they would cling to such an opportunty to buy beautiful fabrics at very fair prices for the top quality... but nope. :( Wonder how far they'll have to drive to even see fabric in person now that Granny's Attic is closed?

Looks like we walked away pretty good don't cha think?


  1. Wow!!! You got lots of great fabric! I wish that I had known about the sale - I'm in Ohio and probably could've made it down to get some great deals of my own! Man, I'm jealous!

  2. I am totally green with envy right now......

  3. Nice...the whole quilt shop to yourself and at such great prices. What a deal!

  4. What a great deal! Lucky you!

  5. That is too bad that she went out of business. I really enjoyed ordering from her!

  6. Too bad they went out of business.

    But you are one lucky dog to get all that fabric!!

  7. What a fantastic shopping spree! I'm a little green too... :/ ;-)

  8. OMGOsh - what a deal and so much lovely fabric. You're young enough you might actually get to USE it in your lifetime! LOL

    Thanks for the eye candy. 8-)))

  9. I wish I had an allowance like Nora's!

    sassy needlepusher


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