Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Ta-Da!" - "Ta-Da!!" - "Ta-Da!!!"

The first of the "Ta-Da" showings we have for you is Nora's MAGIC TRICK she did this morning. Actually I did it and she pretended she was the magician ;) While opening up a new garbage bag I threw it up a couple of times into the air entertaining the twins and on the last go round it stuck to the popcorn textured ceiling and hung there for about 2 minutes before falling.

Just long enough for me to run out to the van and get my camera and come back and take a couple of shots before it fell. :) Just one of the million of things a stay-at-home mom gets to have fun experiencing with the kids.. ;)

And the second "Ta-Da!" I have to share with my readers today are these beautiful String blocks that arrived in the mail box from HGTV Sunshine Quilters ajne and AngelaC

and the third "Ta-Da" is also something else quilty in today's mail. Actually not in my mailbox but sitting on top of my garbage can beside the garage door when I got home from running erands today.... can you guess what?

Yep! A quilt that I had sent off to be quilted a while back. On one of my yahoo lists I read where Joanne had posted about her "Quilter's Stimulus Package" (and her post on her update) as an opportunity to break in her new longarm quilting machine and at the same time allow quilters to get some tops quilted at super great low prices.

I knew it would be a simple all over meander and that was fine for this Bento Box pattern. I did request she use a variegated thread which she did and I really like how it turned out.

Visit Joanne's Splitting Stitches Blog and take a look at all of the beautiful quilts she's quilted for all the people who signed up for her Stimulus Package for quilters ;)


  1. Hi, Bonnie! I haven't dropped by for a while and I cannot believe how big the twins are getting! Wow! I love your quilt and Nora's magic trick was the best!!

  2. Great backing on this quilt! I am one of the 6 people in the world who really like orange.


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