Monday, June 1, 2009

What do I do with these??

Before the twins were born my Dad and Clara brought an old wicker basket trunk to me during one of their visits. It was my "cheater" chest I called it when I was a kid growing up and I stashed away things I thought I'd need one day when I grew up and left home.

It sat over by the window in the twins' bedroom until about a week ago... when the kids discovered how to open it up! :P so I had to remove it from their room and push it to the guest bed room...

I had fun going thru it and walking down memory lane and here is just a few things I found in there... that I really don't have any idea WHAT to do with these things????

I remember wearing both of these T-shirts!!! They were my favorites! My cousin Matilda (Willis at the time was head coach of the lady Razorbacks in the 80's) and brought us Razorbacks shirts every summer when she came home to visit. I'm so happy to have kept this one.

And my daddy was a trucker and I was a Daddy's Girl.... what more do I need to say? :)

These spreads were made by my mom's mother - Grandmother Bonnie Cash. I never knew her but I'm her name sake.... I wish my mom had not put these into my "cheater chest" as I have NO CLUE as to what I am to do with them.

I have no idea if these could be used in crazyquilting or not...? I'm not a CQ'r but have several friends who are...

The last one on the right is made of yarn. The colors are not true in the photo.. much prettier and bright turquoise

and how many of you had a coat like this one growing up??? Or a sash or something similar?

I loved being in Girl Scouts although I was only in it for about 2 or 3 years... my Aunt was our troop leader and we had a mix of girls from both the city school and county school in our small group. I regret that our group split up b/c I think I would have loved Girl Scouts for many more years. I am really looking forward to when my children are old enough to be in scouts...... although I've been warned to "NOT volunteer to be the cookie mom!" LOL Guess I better not mention to anyone how good I was at selling cookies each year ea?

I know I had more badges than what is sewn onto the front of the coat...? Maybe they fell off or were misplaced before attaching onto the coat?? Who knows? But I think it's funny that my mom sewed my "wings" on crooked. *giggle*giggle* and if you click and make it larger you'll see she did not do a very good job sewing those little circle badges onto the coat... maybe it was one of those "Just get ER DONE!" moments! LOL

oh and a few more doiley or spread or what ever they are called... This one is a little larger than my hand.

and click to read the note that is included with this last one. Guess who wrote the note??? MY STEP MOM CLARA! :) She and my mom were best of friends for more than 50 years.

I have no idea what to do with these. I don't want them and would love to pass them on to someone who collects them or would have a use for them... if you think you'd like to give them a home - leave me a note.

However these aprons - also my Grandmother Bonnie's have already been spoken for... but I wanted to take some photos of them first before sending to their new owner ;)

Isn't that one with the towel a neat idea? It buttons on and off... and there were two just alike and very used.. maybe this was even a feed sack original fabric?

and personally I really liked the longer apron that had lots of large pockets.... however it did not come close to fitting me! Even now that I've had the reduction in the boob department :( I would have loved to have kept it..... but I know these are going to a good home.... to another Bonnie in NC :c)

Love from Texas!


  1. Bonnie, those are doilies for under your lamps or candles or just on dressers. AND if you are not keeping them, I would love to have one or more. BUTTTT, I seriously think you should keep them. They are very labor intensive. I do thread crochet and know how long it takes to make just one doily that is about 8 inches across. If you don`t want them, pick out one you would like to keep as a memory block and send it to me, I will make you a crazy quilt block featuring it for a wall hanging.

  2. Wow~ I agree, you will kick yourself if you don't keep the doilies! I have them on our dressers, under the mantle clock etc. The larger ones could be used as center piece for the dining rm table, etc. They are even fun in the dress up clothes bin! My DD always was putting them on her head! LOL The blue yarn one is a hot pad~ for setting pots on in the kitchen. I had one and wore it out! They wash up nice if spilled on too. ;)

  3. put under a lamp? are you kidding... my one and only working lamp left in the den now sits above the TV Entertainment center and gets pulled down and plugged in each night after the twins are in bed... then before I go to bed I unplug the lamp and put it back on top of the TV.

    I just can't have anything decorative or nice while the twins are little.. :P I barely have furniture in the den. the end tables had glass tops and we had to remove the glass pieces b/c Paul Thomas was pushing the tabels over... he now can push them over just by looking at them b/c they are not nearly as heavy without the glass... *SIGH*

    I'm more than happy to send you one or more Tammy :) and you can use them for CQ blocks for you ;) or your swap!

  4. The FIRST thing you do is photo them for your blog! OK, done! So we can all appreciate all the precise work!

    Then you LOOK at them and wonder what kind of woman WAS that maker - patient??? -- should she have been a graphic artist?

    I have several that I have framed over ??velvet?? and hang in my dining area. That's the best I could do with it. One of mine says "Bread" and is supposed to be placed at the bottom of the 'bread plate' My gosh!!! Can you imagine anyone today actually DOING that???

  5. Beautiful doilies! I will happily give one a home if you won't keep them. My grandmas did not crochet, etc., so I have no heirlooms like that. I'll love on yours for you!

  6. You have a real treasure - save them! The twins will grow up and then you can use them. I have several of them framed. But if you still want to get rid of them I would be glad to take one or more of them. Do you ebay - you could sell them but please let me know if you do. Whatever you do save at least one for a family heirloom.


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