Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm thinking of Christmas already... as in Bonnie Hunter's Christmas Lights Mystery quilt!

I heard it mentioned earlier this year that Bonnie Hunter would be featured often in the Quiltmaker Magazine this coming year so I bought a subscription... and received my January issue just in time to catch her featured "Scrap Users System and also her Tropical Twist" pattern in it.

But my main reason for posting is... that earlier this week as I was looking online and took a look at the link to the current issue and YOU WHO - Mystery Quilt Fans!!! Take
a look at what is coming up in the next issue! (July/August '09)

Looks like that little birdie was right about Bonnie being in several upcoming issues of Quiltmaker! :) I'm so glad I subscribed!

Take a look at what showed up in my mailbox today! Just in time! I feel like I have plenty of time for this Christmas Mystery Quilt. Finished size is a throw size and they are braking down the parts into 3 issues.. and since Part 2 isn't until the Sep/Oct issue that gives me about 2 months to make the 5 different units that part 1 calls for.

and b/c I'm a true fan of THE Bonnie Hunter... I of course want mine to be as scrappy as can be.... so I'm trying to organize a swap for the 4-patch unit 1 blocks. If you think you may be interested take a look over here on the HGTV Quilters board. Thanks :)


  1. Looks like a very fun quilt, I love Christmas fabrics. I'll be watching for photos.

  2. Oh I wish my issue would hurry up and get here! :-)

  3. You're gonna love doing Bonnie's mysteries.
    I have to find a store with the Quiltmaker magazine so I can get going.


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