Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a little homework

Who said Homework wasn't fun? I la,la,LOVE doing my homework when I have these super great Triangulations to use for my 2" finished HSTs.

Here and there when I get a minute to sit down to sew I've been chasing the lines on the paper with my presser foot. ;) It sure doesn't take long to zip thru one of these... and before you know it you have a dozen or more ready to cut apart.

In each of these stacks are 8 HST's cut apart and snipped dog ears off of and are now ready to finger press and rip the papers off of... I hear the DVR shows calling my name :) and I'll take these along with me.

Oh and if you don't have a pair of these scissors yet, I highly recommend you look for them and purchase them with one of those handy dandy 40% coupons that come in the mail. They're great! ;)

Just in case you are new to my blog - I've called these my homework blocks, b/c they are for making 8" finished My Blue Heaven Blocks that my friend Crazy'boutquilts and I are making for one another and mailing every so often. :) They are not that hard to make... at least not if you've done you homework that is! ;)

**In case you've missed it the block we are making is from QuiltersCache, designed by Marcia Hohn. ;-)

Love from Texas!

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