Thursday, June 4, 2009

Questions about the Bonnie Blankets...

EDITED TO ADD: I was asked how far apart I sew my rows... and thankfully I had taken this close up. I use my walking foot as a guide when I'm sewing. On my Bernina, I move the needle all the way over to the far right and then keep the foot lined up with the previous row sewn. Approximately = 3/4" apart.

Crazy'boutquilts left a question for me on a previous post asking me how many layers of plaid did I use....I wanted to share a post about it here in case anyone else was wondering the same...

How many layers of plaid and how many yards? In this one I used 2 layers of each the plaid and the Tinkerbell fabrics. The Tinkerbell was doubled b/c I didn't want the wrong side peeking thru on the front... so I laid it out face down and then folded back over top of it with the pretty side up... before layering on the homespun type fabric that was plaid also doing the same.

Total purchased was 4 yards of each fabric the plaid was on the clearance table that day we were out and about shopping during our hurricane evacuation in Jackson Mississippi last September and all that was left on the bolt was 4 yards so I bought it all for under $5!

In the past when using flannel - I seek to find and buy the 60" wide when I could find it as it makes for a much more comfy size for an adult (but hard to find so most times I can only find the 42" which is perfect for children sized blankets) and likewise you figure out how long you want it to be and then multiply how many layers by that...

When I use flannel I only use a total of 3 layers. Sometimes all the same fabric other times the 2 cut pieces will be all 1 piece folded over... and the backing fabric a different flannel...that coordinates. ;) When shopping I like to use plaids b/c not only do they not have a "wrong" side... after they are cut up they appear more colorful but still show the plaid design when held up at a distance ;)

For a niece I did use a Strawberry Shortcake flannel and layered her uncut side like I did Nora's so that it wouldn't' have a dull wrong side peeking thru the cuts... That was the only time I used 4 layers of flannel... and didn't have any extra bulkiness than my usual 3.

HOWEVER - note when working with flannel - you will need to clean out your stitch plate and bobbin area often as it produces a lot of LENT!

Also when you buy your fabrics - also select your thread at the same time... I pull out 3 or 4 and unwind about a foot and lay over and then step back. The thread that disappears the most against the backing fabric wins ;) and I buy either the largest spool they have or 4-5 spools of the smaller... You will use a lot of thread on these.... so if it is not on sale then write down the brand and color number and go back when they run their threads on 50% off ;)

hummm, looks like I almost have a tutorial going with just this reply to Crazy's question... LOL anyone else have any other questions? To see more of my "Bonnie Blankets" I've made click here to where I shared some photos a while back. I only wish I have photos of all the ones I've made. :(

Nora's Tinkerbell ended up measuring 67" long -I lost 5" after squaring up - it does shift a lot during sewing... Still plenty long enough for her or anyone lucky enough to cover up with it. This isn't really a blanket for warmth as it is very light weight with the homespun fabric.... but a good summertime quilt for her toddler bed she is still in ;) or to take along for a picnic outside... or even the beach/spray park to spread over a picnic table or use to sit on...

The more you wash them the more they frey each time and softer and softer they get. ;)

Again, I sure wish I could find a long arm quilter out there to hire by the hour to sew the lines for me..... any long armers out there reading this and would like to give it a try - Please contact me! I'll pay ya! I have a Rubbermaid full of plaids... and would love to get some made to give as Christmas gifts... this year or next... or next.... ;) I'd even be willing to no only pay you for your services but to let you choose one to keep for yourself! After you do all the sewing, I'd pay you... and you ship back to me and I'll do all the cutting and binding... and mail yours back to you to keep ;) I'd love to find someone who would be willing to sew one of these up for me every other month.... just wishing out loud here. ;) as like I said I have a HUGE Rubbermaid tub full of fabrics for these...and also bought matching threads... ready and waiting... and waiting....

anyone wanting to make one of these themselves -if you have any other questions just give me a holler - I'm always more than happy to help!


While writing this Jessica emailed and asked: "So, let me get this right. Its just two pieces of fabric, quilted together with straight lines and then the backing piece is cut between the lines? Then bind as usual? I think I can do that!!"

To which I replied:

Yep, you about got it ;) Nora’s was just 2 pieces of fabric both folded over into 2 layers each…

For my plaid flannel blankets I’ve used all one piece and folded it over so that it layered 3 times…

One thing I forgot to mention when you spread it all out and smooth out the wrinkles then pin every 6-8” or so – about the distance of your hand in-between… and I do this with the back side UP.

Because on my machine the top stitch looks the best… and the back of your final blanket will not be cut… so you want it nice and smooth and pretty stitches…

Where as if you sew a wrinkle into the fabric on the underside – that is gonna be the cut side later and will not show up ;) make sense?

Oh and I use a walking foot… ;) and move my needle over and use the foot as a guide for my rows… and important – you must sew along the bias… so that over time the cut apart rows don’t ravel all the way out.

Gosh, I so need to do a better job ea? Of explaining things… geesh! LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Sounds easy enough~ thanks Bonnie! :-)

  2. I came over to tell the twins Happy Birthday!!! Wow, I can`t believe they are twins. I met you when you were pregnant with them. Do you remember?? lol It was January and you were doing the red and white noodle swap. It was only about one month after I joined the group and my first swap!! You were wonderful and so helpful. I am glad I got to meet you in person in New Hampshire.

  3. rofl I meant I can`t believe they are TWO


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