Thursday, June 4, 2009

thankfully there are no rules in quilting ;c)

No rules....Except to have F*U*N!! and that is what Nora and I did today while the babies napped. ;)

The instructions showed cutting odd sizes of squares and then cutting into triangles and again on some of them... and all that scares me... so I used my brain and came up with another way to make the same thing :c) - remember no quilt police... and we all know there's more than one way to get the same end result... ;)

So I increased my sizes... and cut 4.5" squares of my background and also the black and made some ole fashioned HSTs...

and then cut some green 4" squares and turned all of those HSTs into these...

Ta -Da!!! Look very little waste! and each of these HSTs yields ONE unit 4 block ***AND*** ONE unit 5 block at the same time! Double Yeaaaa!

The *important* thing to remember is: to line up your ruler perfectly in the center before cutting to the 3.5" size... Here you will see my ink pen pointing to the 1 and 3/4 mark on my ruler. Just line that up each time and you're set!

you can click to make it larger to see... ;)

all lined up and ready for marking the back sides of the green fabrics... this handy "add a quarter" ruler worked perfectly for this...

Nora had fun playing with her doll house while we were in the dining room.. Oh how I love to overhear her conversations she has with these dolls... ;) it is so cute!

and this is as far as I got during nap time today..... oh and I know I'm a little backwards and all of this sorta confirmed it today... I skipped over units 1-3 and went straight to making units 4 & 5 - odd ea? :P Actually I found out that the perfect gold fabric I pulled from my stash was not larger enough... booo hoooo... so I need to figure that out before I can work on those...

To be continued. :)

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  1. Thanks for mentioning your technique for avoiding triangles on the Quiltville Chat Yahoo Group. I had to come over immediately to see how you had pieced your blocks because I prefer not to cut triangles. I will definitely be using your method when I get to those blocks (I'm still slowly doing leader-enders for the four patch units).

    Happy quilting!


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