Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time for a cleaning

Well with all the sewing I've been doing lately, I've lost count of how many bobbins I've changed much less how many hours I've sewn so it's save to say it is time for a new needle and some cleaning...

I wasn't sure how much lent was gonna be under this stitch plate... but thought it'd be fun to take photos of the before and after - and to also remind any of my blog visitors that maybe it's time for them to give their machines a cleaning also! ;)

WOW! That is a lot of lent and I just had it at the Bernina Dealer in April for a maintenance cleaning and he ordered and installed the main board... so I wasn't expecting this much lent! Guess I've really been sewing lately hua?

Now that looks better! ;) Ready to put back together and a new needle... and to decide which presser foot.........humm, let's see what do I want to work on next? I still haven't ordered any WOW fabrics...

How about the walking foot? :) and get back to working on Nora's Tinker Bell Chenille Blanket I started last fall? That I said I'd make a tutorial for...? oops! sorry for any of you still waiting on that!

It's really easy, just takes forever - especially for me who is easily sidetracked with other projects to work on. I really wish there was a long armer quilter I could pay to sew rows and rows and rows of straight diagonal lines..... If I could hire out the sewing part, then I could maybe use up all of this flannel I've purchased over the years.... for these chenille throws!

Well, I'm gonna work on this a little at a time all this week and see where I am this weekend... hopefully it will be finished with the sewing and ready for the slicing!!! Wish me luck... and if you haven't done so lately - clean out your stitch plate and bobbin areas on your machine and change your needle! :)

Love from Texas!


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