Monday, June 22, 2009

Mail call - more strings are here

06.19.09 from charmingsister

06.22.09 from rstraus

I just love collecting string blocks form our HGTV Sunshine Quilters group to send in to Sue with the Heart Strings Quilt Project later next month. I get to open all the packages and take a first hand up close and personal look at all the variety of fabrics used to make up the blocks ;)

The first year I participated in the Sunshine group I hosted a month and put together two Bento Box quilts from blocks made from the members. And while I'd love to put together more quilts, for me it's been easier and as much appreciated to just "collect" blocks and them mail them into Heartstrings on behalf of all of us in the HGTV Sunshine group. The year I was pregnant I collected for two months... one scrappy around red and then in Oct strings that were all pink and white around pink centers.

Last year and this year I'm keeping it simple sister (KISS) and just collecting one month scrappy around red centers ;) and am so pleased there have been so many Sunshine members participate and send me more than their required 2 blocks ;)

Thanks Sunshine friends! I'll be leaving on vacation this coming weekend but while I'm gone my mail lady will hold my mail so any packages that come during that time will be AOK downtown at the PO ;) I won't mail our blocks until the end of July to Sue at Heartstrings - so you all still have plenty of time to make blocks if you haven't already ;) Thanks!

Love from Texas!


  1. Such interesting projects! Someday when the redecorating is done and my 16 yr old gets her license (and more driving experience), perhaps I will have time to quilt again.

  2. These blocks are just great, Bonnie. My son just moved to Marble Falls, TX. He travels back and forth to Austin quite a bit with the job, he loves it there. He seems pretty darned far away to this Mom, though. ;(


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