Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look what I finished up tonight

I bet my readers thought that with this Bonnie Bug that bit me this week that I'd abandon this and jump right into cutting of the fabrics for the Christmas Lights... and it was tempting especially after I visited my sewing room early this morning and pulled some great fabrics... but when I went into the dining room where my machine is... there was this thing sitting there with the folded up light blue star fabric - ready to be cut for the binding...

So I got started and cut some binding strips and then sewed together and pressed... and then took everything to the kitchen floor to square up the piece and pin the binding down. (Jayardi I hope you didn't just read that... yep I know, shame on me for using pins. I did actually buy a bottle of school glue but put it up so Nora wouldn't get into it and FORGOT where I put it... shame on me I know - please forgive me)

(above pic. was before washing) Yes, I attached the binding on by machine and also stitched it down with machine. I have no plans to ever do binding by hand again unless it is for something *very special* I loved Jayardi's class she gave on machine binding at the COF Retreat in Manchester, NH in April :)

and after supper, and after giving the kids a bath - here I am with Olivia... Wish I looked as cute with messy hair as she does. :P Anyway, after bath, books and prayers... and of course kisses...I came down stairs and finished stitching down the binding and then threw it into the washer for a quick Rinse & Spin Cycle with fabric softener so it will smell good for Nora tomorrow... and then ran it thru the dryer... and Ta-Da!

Take a look - it fluffed up real nice and soft. No matter what angle I held the camera I really couldn't capture a true photo of it... it is very soft. ;)

...and even if Nora is not excited (which I'm thinking typical her will change her mind) but even if not - I'm excited!!! Whoo Hooo a Finish! Now I can move on to other things!!! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Love the quilt, I bind mine with the machine too...not the typical binding either.

  2. oooohhh, I love it!! So, let me get this right. Its just two pieces of fabric, quilted together with straight lines and then the backing piece is cut between the lines? Then bind as usual? I think I can do that!!
    (and I do my binding by machine, too!)


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