Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have my next leader/enders prepared and ready to go!

Edited to add: The first thread over on the HGTV board was so good that there has been another started called "I love Leader/Enders! (Continued) click over to take a look... great ideas and photos being shared over there ;) But be sure and come back here to read my blog, OK? ;)

Do you remember how I mentioned there was some great discussion going on over on the HGTV board about "THE" Bonnie's Leader/Enders system? Well I've been doing some prep work and have my next set of what I'm gonna be using for my own leader/enders. These are the scrappy 4 patch blocks for the Christmas Lights Mystery I'm working on in between other projects. (This is part of 1 of 3 published in Quiltmaker magazine - and I have about 2 months to get them done :) so using them as my leader enders will be perfect)

I have a larger acrylic table that surrounds my machine but I'm not currently using it... but I do have a smaller little plastic shelf like thing attached... (see above) For now I've just pinned a few dozen of these blocks and placed under there - easy to quickly grab 1 or 2 and sew up before I get up to go press from chain piecing on my other current project.... ;)

here is a photo of more 2 piece units that will be next in the leader/ender pile... I don't have enough pins to pin them all up - but that is OK. after the others in the 1st photo get sewn I'll sit and pin up 2 dozen more. :)

It's small steps like this that get the job done! and speaking of small steps... look who were stepping back and forth the opening to the dining room as I was in there... I wish you could hear their little feet pitter patter as they ran up and down the halls.

Can you believe that last week (06/04) Olivia and Paul Thomas turned 2 years old!!!? yep, they sure did! I posted Birthday photos over on our family blog. (click on our family photo at the top right of this page to take you there)

and here is my little man.... sitting here trying to figure out a way to make that rooster fit thru that hole in the gate. :P He worked on that for the longest time.... and then Olivia walked up and distracted him long enough to snatch it out of his hands and she thru it over top of the gate and he got so mad and turned on the water works wanting it back... so he could sit down again and try to figure this out. LOL

and while he is good at being a problem solver... he is even better at being a problem maker! Don't even get me started about the love seat cushions or the speaker wiring in the den :/ BOYS! :P

Love from Texas!

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  1. Wow you are really rockin' on those 4 patches! I still haven't even decided what to do yet.. or if I should do it at all. :/ Happy stitchin'! And love PT playing by the gate! ;)


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