Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday's Sewing

Well today I did get time to sew during the twins' naptime after Mass today. I've had a lot of fun revisiting these string blocks. I owe my frined KC1930 20 more blocks and today finished them up. I also was smart to think of work in a few foundations for myself during this process so now I have another 13 for my stash :)

Ough OH - look above... on the back side is what I call a "HIGH-JACKER" a sting that hitched a ride on another blocks' turn thru the sewing machine....

So which would you use? the seam ripper? or the sissors?

Tell ya what I do......

I use the sissors and cut as close to the seam as I can. Why waste all that time ripping it out? this side is never gonna show anyway? ;)

Thankfully this was on one fo the blocks I made for myself... so I'm AOK with it ;)

see.... and the string is still reusable ;)

I just had to take a close up of this block..... see that bottom corner? I was so happy when I found the P-E-R-F-E-C-T sized triangle scrap piece to use to make that corner ;)

and here is a look at all 20 blocks for my frined KC1930. She will be happy with these squared up at 7" with 2" cut sized Red 30's background center strips :)

Good thing I clicked when I did... I think it's funny when the wind blows when I'm trying to take photos outside....and everytime it happenes I'm amazed that this Heartstirngs Quilter was able to take this photo!

oops, I noticed there was another "HIGH-JACKER" in her group of blocks... only 1 out of 20... sorry KC! I hope this is OK. If not let me know and I'll fix it.

and what about those Extra 13 I made for my own 30's string stash... I finished them up too and Nora and I sat down together for pretent cake and cookies party ;)

"You kiss me and I'll kiss you Momma!"

What fum memories we both make while sewing and playing together in the dining room while the twins nap ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. My other comment would not post above...so I like your cheater chest....and now I love the stringed quilt....I use a seam ripper.

  2. Love the antique goodies....but I had to really laugh when i got to the part about the HIJACKER!!! *LOL* Thats the PERFECT WORD for it!!

    I've done that too, and I do the same as you, clip it off :c)


  3. I love the strip quilts...scrappy ...my favorite color choice!

    Marge Campbell
    Littlefield, TX


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