Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trying the same Trick with more than one pic

Heartstrings from dtigger received 3.30.09

4.11.09 miscellaneous photo of some piecing

07.04.2008 OH my has it been a year already! This was taken at my Daddy's home last year... :) I am really looking forward to our trip home t0 KY for the 4th. :)

Was this super fast or what?

3.30.09 from dtigger
4.11.09 sewing
7.4.08 bonnie and twins

Oh my goodness I am in love with the new trick I just learned!!! I can QUICK as a click - select several photos and email them out to my blogger address and when I go to my Edit posts they are hear and waiting and all I have to do is review and click PUBLISH!!!

No more waiting for blogger to upload photos!!! Do you realize how much time this is gonna save me??? :) :) :) Wooo hooo! I hope you can figure it out on your blog too. :) You will la,la,LOVE it!

WHooo hooo! again ;)


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