Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just Testing a new trick I think I learned...

Just testing to see how easy or hard it is to attach a photo to an email and
send to my blogger email address to save as a draf. Coiuld this really work faster
than uploading photos ???

Maybe! ;)

Your message is ready to be sent with the following file or link


Note: To protect against computer viruses, e-mail programs may prevent
sending or receiving certain types of file attachments. Check your e-mail
security settings to determine how attachments are handled.


The above was what I sent myslef as an email to test out this "TIP & TRICK" I learned about on this website by Leni and Rose. It was trick #11.

Did you know that thru blogger you have an email address..? mine is my blog name (dot) ___ you pirck what goes in this space) @ blogger (dot) com

As easy as it is to send a photo in an email and even write out yoru blog entry - and then send to your special blogger address - and walah! it can either be published immediately or wait as a draft!!! how cool is that???

well to find out how click on Leni & Rose's link above - they can tell you all about it with step by step and there are lots of other tricks too!!! I almost guarantee you will learn something new rather you have been blogging only a month or even for a few years!!! ;)



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