Monday, May 25, 2009

Ta-Da! Take a step back and look with me at my design wall...

Today I finished up mine and crazy'boutquilts blocks for the next round of swapping. I already had one of these four blocks made (My Blue Heaven in the top right hand corner of the design wall)

Each block finishes at 8" and I just love how placing them all together makes a secondary deign! I went ahead and joined 4 of each together to make a total of 4 big jumbo blocks. One more step to getting them together faster!! However I'll wait before going any farther until the blocks Crazy'boutquilts sends me arrive b/c I may want to move things around a bit.

But don't they all look great together? Yummm! Scrap-OH-lishious! I'm tempted to place the other 12 blocks I have ready to mail up there to really see how big it's gonna be... but I'll wait... don't want to have to removed the Jewel Boxes just yet..

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend... keeping busy sewing and doing red work has helped to keep my mind off of my mother. We lost her to Cancer 10 years ago this week... when I was only 24. She was actually buried on Memorial Day in 1999.

Well, now that those blocks are completed for this round - IT'S TIME TO GET BUSY on making more 1930's Jewel Box blocks!!! Eek! I have a lot of catching up to do if I really want to swap 3 sets (which I do)

So that is what I will be working on this week. What about you? What do you plan to accomplish?

Love from Texas,


  1. Bonnie-Love the quilts on your wall. The Jacob's ladder is one I have always wanted to try, but never have. Your Blue Heaven blocks are lovely too. Where can one find the pattern?
    I finished quilting my Trip Around the World quilt Sunday, and am sewing down the binding now. I'm also making a quilt top from a magazine using Friendship star and Churn Dash blocks. I like how it is turning out. I'll have to take some pictures soon! Haven't posted any for awhile.
    Mary H-Spokane,WA

  2. OMGosh! Luscious! That star-version on the right in the photo is my favorite - that is if one could choose a favorite. Ya dun good!

  3. Whoohoo! Love your design wall Bonnie! And love what's on it!! LOL :-))


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