Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mail Call

I just love getting packages in the mail don't you?? I mean what's not to love?? Perhaps that is why I love hosting my FQ Bingo every spring... ;) .....but today when I went to the mail box I was greeted with not 1, not 2 but THREE packages as I opened the door and I wasn't even expecting them!
well now that I think of it - I sorta was.. I guess you could say ... I'm hosting the month of June for the Sunshine Quilters on the HGTV Boards... and several members are really on-the-ball with making their blocks and working ahead and have mailed their blocks early ;)
These 4 blocks today were from char77 Thanks char for such a beautiful variety of scraps around red for the HeartStrings Quilt Project!! ;)
and I had also ran out of a background fabric for a charity project I'm working on and had emailed Vicki and asked for more... but I had forgotten about that on the way... (doesn't take much for me to forget things)
(I'll blog about this project and share more pics with you soon - so consider this your "preview" LOL)

but the 3rd package was a total surprise!!!! I went to NH at the end of April for my 1st ever quilting retreat (again, I've not posted about it -I'm so bad...sorry!) and got to meet 70 of the HGTV Quilter's message board members! We had a lot of fun those short 5 days...

more on that later - back to the package... it was sent to me from NY from lovetoquilt who I met at the retreat. When I opened it and saw this baggie I knew she had sent it for Nora.
..... so I took it inside and let Nora finish opening it. She was so excited to see TWO panels of Princess Fabric and spread it out on the kitchen floor to get a better look at it.She literally "fell" in love with it at first sight :)It didn't take her long to discover the dotted lines in between... and she knew what that meant to do. Cut apart :) "One for me and one for Olivia! So we can be the same."
Here's Nora giving her "2 thumbs up for 2 princess squares" ;) LOLCan you tell she's excited??? ;)and how about that second panel for Olivia.... well I went into the den to give it to her and here is what the babies were doing.... watching Signing Time on TV...
And when they heard Nora's voice they immediately jumped up and ran to the doorway... "Look Olivia what the bingo friends sent to Mommy and me... you can have one too!" I think Olivia noticed the sparkles in the fabric faster than Nora did. ;) and Paul Thomas took a look at it too...and he was able to steal it away from her... and tossed it over the gate out of reach. LOL I wonder if he remembers my rule that if we can't share then the item gets put away... and he knew that they weren't sharing with him so he fixed that!
Don't worry Paul Thomas one of my other Bingo players sent in some very cute fabric with dogs on it and it will make for a very cute backing piece for a quilt for you. I just gotta figure out what I'm gonna piece and put together for the top side :)
I think for Nora's and Olivia's I'll just get muslin for the backing and then buy coordinating threads and PRACTICE my machine quilting I learned while on retreat! :) :) :) swirls in the dresses... outlining the Princesses following the lines... an so on.. should be fun right?
Again, I'm so very thankful for this gifty to my girls - all of my quilting friends are so great to think of sending me little extras for me and my kids... you all don't have to do that but you do. You are so sweet!
"Thank You Ms. Lauren for my princess Fab-RICK" :) Love Nora!

So Bonnie, What FQ Bingo you ask... yeah, our game has ended this year and I know I'm way behind on blogging about it...that and retreat and everything else.... I promise to update my readers soon - but if I don't just "Jump in where we are" as the FlyLady says... then I'll never get caught up and it will only delay me more. Thanks for understanding. ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. So cute! I love to see kids so happy and excited. Thanks for sharing. :c)

  2. Packages are always fun to receive -- love the HeartStrings blocks. Nora's so cute with the fabric!


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