Saturday, May 30, 2009

BH&G sure do make some great quilting magazines.. don't they?

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted about this magazine? Well school has been out for a week now and I've been meaning to post about this issue... because there were so many things I enjoyed looking at... during my waiting at the drive thur of McDonald's b/c I've already confessed I was late picking up Nora more times than I was early this month :P

Take a look at page 96 at that quilt in the bottom left photo - the only thing they mention about that (what I call, Rotten Egg Yellow and Navy Blue Quilt) is "Clothesline Quilts' Fort Sumter quilt nestles among one-of-a-kind bird pincushions."

Fort Sumter? We use to live in Sumter, SC... maybe this should be added to my "one of these years" list of quilts to make... I love how the navy pieces forms arrows pointing inward to the blocks.

...also that elephant quilt hanging on the wall behind the bed is rather cute too ;)

oh and this next one really drew me in... see that photo at the top right corner???? I hope you can click on it to see the detailed quilting closer! :) The quilted design is awesome!! WOW.

The above is on page 119 and they mention, "Civil War Star is the first quilt pattern show owner Julie Hale designed for commercial sale. It remains a popular offering for the shop more than 10 years later."

WOW - 10 years and still a top seller! Now that is an amazing accomplishment don'tcha think? If anyone out there wants more information about it - the shop is called "Bits 'n Pieces" in Wayne, MI. 734/641-4970 which led me to look on the Internet for more info and I did find that they have a web page and also I've shared links to the above mentioned quilt ;)

Bits 'n Pieces also had the honor of having their quilt Seeing Double featured on the magazine's cover. ;) Which was why I bought this copy! I really look forward to these "Shop Hops" after all for $6.99 I can have weeks of thumbing thru and dreaming of these far away places and all the beautiful quilts plus 10 exclusive patterns... not bad for $6.99. ;)

and what am I looking at /reading now...? You will never guess!

Are you ready for this.... it arrived Wednesday 5/27/09

I know you can't see it but just above the bar code it says AUGUST 2009! Can you believe
that? WOW! Maybe they are giving me a early copy in hopes that I can actually turn out one of these beautiful patterns. :) Earlier today I wanted to share just the cover with MaryJ, and went to their web page but they don't even have it up on their website YET! I have something before they have it up on their website?? Can't believe it! ;) I'm feeling sorta special *giggle*giggle*

...and no surprise, I really like the one on the cover of this issue too! Scrappy rails with the square in a square pattern... there is also another rail block pattern called "Royal Order" page 32 inside that is used with star sashings that looks cool...

oh and the "Dot to Dot" pattern on page 82 looks really super funky cool to use for a collection of fabrics with large bright prints.... but the most favorite thing I enjoyed was reading about...

The studio (in a garage no less) that renowned quilting duo Laura Nownes and Diana McClun use when they get together every Monday to create in. ;) One of their Books they've written called:

Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! : The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking

was my very first quilt book that I purchased when I signed up for my very first quilting class when I lived in Sumter, SC..........gosh that was in 1999. Have I really been quilting 10 years already? Where does the time go?

Just a couple months ago I shared the Feb. cover of this same magazine of a quilt I hoped to make... Have I even started it? nope. Unless you count swapping nickels? :)

aaah... so many quilts! So little time!


  1. I could look at those magazines until I turned blue....love it.

  2. :-) I got my issue of AP&Q today! ~ along with your blocks! :-) This is the best mail day!! :-)))

  3. I saw the magazine today in B&N...I wouldn't have thought to alternate rail fence blocks with hour glass blocks but it works doesn't it?

  4. I love the shop hop issue. Like you said, "too many quilts, too little time", wahaa! Do you still need some WOW? I have 3 in my shop and could send some pics this afternoon. They are (normal price) $6.99 a yard. I have several of the cream on cream, the WOW went fast! (reminder, order more!). Got to run in to Canton to help a friend put her shop away and find a sausage on a stick then will be home this afternoon. Let me know, hope ;you feel better. Happy quilting, Elaine

  5. Bonnie: I got that issue today and was going to write a note to you aobut it!!! Good thing I read your blog first. Wow...quarter saquares and rail fence...who would have thought it would work. The only thing is how did they do the blocks so they matched on the points??? Guess i really do have to read the directions...dang... NancyC20


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