Tuesday, May 19, 2009

....and they're OFF!

It's May... and every year I can't help but think of my homeplace and the Kentucky Derby during the first Saturday of May... but this post has nothing to do with horses or races... but I do feel like running outside and shouting... "and they're OFF!"

LOL b/c today I mailed off ALL 1685 of this year's Fat Quarter Bingo FQs to their new homes!

We had a fun time playing - although this year was unlike any of the precious years ... b/c I took the game on the road with me as I traveled to NH for the Circle of Friends retrat. Calling 2 numbers there "live" daily was fun and because it was during the 4th week of our game - everyone was "in a pucker" just waiting to see if anyone had called BLACKOUT BINGO each day?!! :) both members on the board and at the retreat were on edge.... oh fun. fun. ;)

Above is a Moda Winter Wonderland Charm pack (5" size) that I'm sending to LRMart for guessing closest to the final jackpot count without going over. I forget where or from whom I won this a while back... but b/c I don't own any other flannel fabrics, I think it would be best to pass along to someone else who may find a use for it. I did thumb thru the pack and there are some super cute prints in there... so LRMart - enjoy! ....between now and December you have lots of time to come up with a Christmas project ;)

Just after the four BINGO winners made their claim to fame - I did decide to not think about it over the following weekend - it was Mother's Day weekend afterall and the last thing I wnated to do was lock myself away from my family..... and several of the winners assured me that they were not in a hurry so I did what they said and took a break and didn't even think of the 1680 FQs in my guest bedroom all weekened... ;)

But last Monday I did get started sorting them by type and colors... and getting ready for boxing these babies up. On and off all week I worked as most I could during the day while the twins napped... in and out of the guest bedroom sorting, stacking, counting, recounting, dividing up, sorting and stacking some more...

As always it was fun - but even MORE FUN this year b/c for the first time in my 4 years of hosting the FQ Bingo - I actually was picking out fabrics for "friends" :) 3 of the 4 winners I had just met in NH at the retreat. How cool was that? ;) Shawkl, Jayardi and lovetowuilt I met in NH at the Circle of Friend retreat.

Our 4th winner, wmmeasureup - I'll have to hopefully meet up with you at the 2011 retreat in NC if you go :)Friday I was nearly done with boxing the FQs up - just needed to finish up with the last 100 or so and print out my letters to each of the winners....

and on Saturday afternoon I was so happy to take a look at this.... a cleaned up floor - empty USPS bins...and also a cleared off Guest Bed!!! whoo hoo! Now I won't have to panic when the phone rings from family in KY like I have been since these FQs started arriving in February... If anyone wants to call and say they're coming for a visit - I'll have a bed for them to sleep in :)
So this morning David had a great idea = he'd go into work a little later than usual and we'd go together downtown to the Mailbox and More store... I'd drop off Nora at school... he'd drive the Micky D's and pick up breakfast and we'd meet at the package shop...

He thought of the perfect plan - He'd be there to lift and carry the boxes inside for me and then go back outside and wait in the van with the twins while I did all the paperwork for the packages and mailed them off. ;) Isnt' that sweet of David to think of all that by himself! :) Even I'm impressed with him!

Sounds like the perfect plan right? right. OK.... so he helps me load up the van and we leave.

the back was packed pretty full - I actually had a 1/3 of the backseat folded down so taht the 4 large brown boxes of the Jackpot Fat Quarters (nearly 400 per box) could fit in there... and then I had boxes to send to other people too... the car seat box is on it's way to Quiltville... and the Diaper Champ and case of Huggies are on their way to Dixieldy who I met at the OCF Retreat. These boxes are full of fleece for a project she's working on for a craft booth. I'm more than happy to donate it all to her - I bought it over 3 years ago and have lost all hope of ever using it for the reasons I bought it all... so hopefully she can make some "I-spy" bags to sell with all of it.

....and the Priority Mail ebay box is 1 of the 2 outside box winners... and that Kroger tote bag is full of more packages and envelopes!
Sunshine blocks, more FQs to other friends... a baby gift to a friend in Mississippi, another outside Box winner... and some other charity blocks...

OK, so I thought today was going great.... only when I arrive at the Mailbox store before David, I notice this HUGE sign about 4 foot x 6 foot with huge red letters saying their store hours are 9am - 5pm... it's around 7:45am... :( urgh. I call him and b/c he's already ordered our food I wait there for him to swing by and make the drop off of my food and he kisses the babies and then leaves to go off to work... :(

So now what? I go home... but thankfully on the way home he calls and tells me that he has an off site meeting today with the Sherif's Dept. from 9am - 10am downtown so to be back at the mailbox store around 9:30 in case they let out early. Apparently this is their first meeting for this year's hurricane evacuation and planning....

OK good - works for me! I'll be there.. and they were released early so he didn't have to be in a hurry to get back to work. Everyting went pretty smoth considering the amount of packages I had to ship... I think the store manager felt rushed b/c of other customers coming in after me... and I agreed to let her work them in as she suggested... I had to fill out her forms for all the packages anyway..... from, to, contents, value... I did insure each of the big boxes for $1000 each as I have in the past. I hope to never have to worry with a lost package... but just in case....

and I so wish I had, had my camera with me when I came back out to the van...

b/c Paul Thomas and Olivia were ALL*OVER*THE*VAN having a big time! Daddy unbuckeled them and let them go wild... while he either got distracted reading emails on his cell phone or took a nap?? I'm not sure...

but when I say he let them go wild, I mean go wild! My mail and papers that I keep between the driver's seat up front looked like it had exploded and thrown all about - even back where the stoller was I found things that should have been up front. #$>&%! What was he thinking? If it had been me, we would have STAYED buckled... and just sang some kid tunes on the radio... or played peek-a-boo.... but noooooo.... ;) Daddy is so much more fun that that. LOL

*sigh* oh well - I won't complain - he did make it work out to go help me with the heavy boxes... he is a great husband and a very fun Daddy... guess I can loosen up for just today ;) LOL

I just wonder if just as David unlatched the seat belts for the twins... he yelled out "and...They're OFF!" :P

Love from Texas!


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