Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009 Spring/Summer Issue of Quilt Sampler

This morning I noticed that Celine1 posted on the HGTV threads that the Spring/Summer issue of Quilt Sampler is now out... and it reminded me...

I quilt going down the magazine isle at my grocery...I mean do I really have time to browse the magazines or thumb thru the pages - NO not when I have 3 kids with me!!!

However, earlier this week when I was at the register Monday I saw this issue and they NEVER have quilting magazines up front - so I took that as a SIGN that I just have to have it! LOL

I just could not resist! That beautiful quilt on the cover sucked me right in.....and can you believe I didn't even thumb thru it while standing in line!!! Nope, I'm saving it as my reading material when I go pick up Nora form school and arrive early - it will be my reward ;)

....was I there early Monday or yesterday??? noooo :rolleyes: but today is another chance for me right?! ;)

Reading the thread on the HGTV board I saw where baglady posted that her LQS is featured on the cover!!! WOW! Lucky you to have such a nice place near bye to shop at. ;)

and batikfreak, has been to one of the shops shown too... oh I just can't wait to get in the van and take a look at mine!!! Maybe I'll go out to the garage now...? naw, just kidding. But I will start loading up the tiwns at 10:45am instead of our usual 11am ;) I'll be the 1st one in the carpool line today!

It's so fun to play I-spy looking thru the photos of everything shown in the shops. And don't forget I shared the link to the current issue at the top of my post in case you're saving the $$$ and not buying magazines anymore ;)

Have a great day everyone!

Love from Texas!

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  1. Oh I like the cover quilt too! I'm going to have to find this magazine!~ ;)


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