Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Blue Heaven

Dear Bonnie:

Your version looks so different than Bonnie Hunter's version. Is it all in coloration? (I'm madly printing your photo out, and her tutorial, before leaving for work.)

Would you please tell me, what size is your finished block?

Have a good/great day!

Elaine Adair

I didn’t realize it until after my post that the “My Blue Heaven” I’ve started is actually a whole different pattern than Bonnie Hunters… oops.

I got mine from http://www.quilterscache.com/M/MyBlueHeavenBlock.html and resized it so that my blocks finish at 8” each… using HST’s that finish at 2” and 4” for the blocks.

I need to update my blog… but last week when Bonnie and I were emailing back and forth and she mentioned her upcoming workshop she was doing “My Blue Heaven” I assumed it was the same when in fact her quilt is her own design and consumes 2 different alternating blocks.

Sorry for the confusion. My friend and I are using a variety of WOW and COC’s as background pieces and any colors in med to dark as our small HSTs and decided to keep all of the larger HSTS in the blue family… to give it an overall look of blues..

I love how these blocks are coming along. I think this is the most scrappy looking quilt I’ve ever made J

Love from Texas!


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