Friday, May 29, 2009

Mail call, my blocks from Crazy are here!!

Tuesday of this week, I loaded up the kids and David into the van to head out to do a long list of errands. I didn't feel like running around and neither did David (who was sicker than sick) ...however there were several things that just couldn't wait so him riding along to say sitting in the van with the twins actually worked out great b/c it meant that I could run in and out of each place on my list.

One of my stops was the local post office (WHICH IS STILL in a cracker box sized trailer since hurricane Ike last fall) I mailed off Crazy'boutquilt's blocks I posted about earlier.

Well GUESS what arrived in my mailbox today!!!!! :) :) :) Yes, you guessed it! The blocks Sandi made for me!

I tried to get a good look at my blocks outside but it was too windy to keep them all laid out so I had to get gather them all up and bring them inside for a group photo. In the photo below, they're sorta lined up on point so to say... she sent 13 instead of 12 b/c I had sent her an extra when we first mailed to each other... so now she's caught up and even AHEAD (something to do w/ her changing her mind?) LOL I just read about after visiting her post to let her know the mail arrived :P LOL

Thanks for the great variety Sandi!!! I hope the ones from me arrived in your mailbox today! I can't wait to get some more Tringulations papers printed off and working to make up more of the smaller HSTs. I call it doing my homework... ;) then after I have a lot of variety it's fun to sit down and play with them setting them all together. That part goes by fast. :)


Also want to add that since my last posting, I've been taking care of a sick husband. David had the worst case of flu in all the years I've known him... he even missed 3 days work after the long weekend :( and we didn't get to enjoy much family time with him b/c he felt so bad... and although I tried to stay away... I apparently didn't do good enough b/c I caught his bug too!

Thankfully though, I was able to go to the DR on Tuesday at the beginning of my sickness and she gave me 2 shots in the BE-hinny plus a $2 off coupon for Mucinex (the best stuff on earth) and a 3 day antibiotic... so now I'm on day 5 and feeling much better than I did - but still coughing and sounding terrible.

Last night I started to feel up to sewing again and sat down at the machine...... working on my 1930's Jewel Box Swap (due Aug) and have several sewn and many more in parts and am now OUT OF WOW :( boo hoo!

.....so I may be back at the My Blue Heaven blocks soon also! I'm so mad at myself for not being able to find the WOW's while at Keepsakes during the retreat. I know I walked by them 1 or 2 times in my first "observation hour" but then could never find them again :( The workers were way too busy to ask... well I did, but kept getting directed to the Cream On Cream's :(

I may place an order on the Internet for some... surly I can't go wrong with ordering WOW right? ;) I have no time to go to a quilt store so maybe I'll hunt around on the net and see what I can find.

Until then, I'm not putting away my 1930's yet. :) I have some more string blocks to put together for my friend KC1930 :) Who I got to meet at the COF Retreat in NH last month! :)

I just wonder how long it will take me to go thru these strings that I had left over from doing the CYOS swap this spring...?

My friend Crazy'boutquilts also participated in that swap. I wonder if she received enough for the project she has in mind? I'll have to ask... and while I'm at it, I may as well cut a few extras and make some more up for me too! As I still have plans for TWO twin sized bed quilts for my girls one of these days....

Happy Weekend and Love from Texas! ~bonnie


  1. Looking good...I still don't find too much time to sit and sew. Maybe soon, Kaitlyn is starting to want to be with the big girls all the time.

  2. LOL, I don't know if I have enough blocks because they have 'taken a backseat' to the MBH blocks and Jewel Boxes. ;-) One of these days I'll get back to strings. Happy sewing!


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