Sunday, May 31, 2009

All Stacked up and ready to sew

It sure looks like a great time to sit down and sew for a while, right???

Well take a look at this machine... notice anything?

Usually on the weekends during naptime I get to sew and sew and sew!!! But not today! :(

Did you notice above there's no light on?

Our power went out here at home... just about the time I finished pressing the last strings down and adding the next one... now I'm wishing I had went ahead and completed that step last night before quiting for the night. Then I would have at least had time to get one more round sewn down today before the power outage.

Well the twins didn't stay asleep for long after the power shut off. It gets pretty hot upstairs pretty quick b/c of the metal roof we have on the house. After only an hour they were up and ready to go... and go and go and go... to read about our fun visit our family blog to see how we spent our Satuday while the power was out. :)

1 comment:

  1. Aw what a bummer when you were all set to sew! ~although the bike ride did look like fun! ;)


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