Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I-Spy my little eye.... I see something you don't see... and it's ____

Yesterday I mentioned that two of the boxes that I mailed off were full of fleece to give to Dixieldy..... take a look at what is on the way to South Carolina...

As I was typing this up I got to thinking and it's been TWO YEARS since I bought this during our Hancock's Going out of business sale just before I had the twins... and in 2 years I never even got this fabric unfolded and out of the store's bags!

So needless to say I'm more than happy to donate it to a good cause. I had great intentions to use it for making up more "I-Spy" bags and sell them myself at craft fairs as a fundraiser for out MOPS group - at $10 or even $15 each we could sell several and make a good profit.

After all, for anyone who sees one - to go and buy one of everything to put inside one of their own they'd end up spending MUCH more money to do so... so we thought $10 would be a great price...

All weekend and yesterday I did look high and low and could NOT find Nora's "I-Spy" bag I made for her 2 couple years ago. I know that thing was in the den about a month ago amongst all the toys... and surly it's not left the house?? ... but I could not find it...

so I called my friend Heidi and asked to borrow hers to take photos of so Dixieldy can get a better look at what it is I'm talkin about :) So Dix, this post is for you! ;) I think your kids may even have fun helping you make these up :)

Here are some photos of my friend Heidi's "I-Spy Bag" that I borrowed to take photos of.
A few bags we sewed together during our project we turned inside out so that the seams would be inside - but sewing along the outside turned out cute too - and b/c fleece don't frey there is nothing to worry about :) and it's faster!

Above, it is hard to tell from the photos exactly everything in side.... although I do see a plastic Christmas light bulb, and a dice...

but the main reason for showing these photos are for my HGTV friend Dixieldy. :) to get an idea on how they're made.. so she can whip up some of her own to sell in her craft booth soon!

The bag finished at 8" square. Print on front and solid color back..

See how cute Heidi's bag is with the square window turned on point? She thought this kept things hidden a little better too b/c the items can fall down in the corners...

She choose solid colors for the back so items could be seen easier against a solid background thru the window... a print would be too busy for kids to see the items......and speaking of the back -here is a look.
As she set aside objects to go in the bag she wrote out a list of everything and then typed up on an index card each item..... and included it as part of the toy. Here is a closeup of the index card on the back. It's sewn all the way around on all 4 sides.. so it doesn't come out. Great for kids who can read or learning to read... they can go down the list looking for each item until they get to the end. ;) (((longer quiet time))) ;)

On about the 9th item you will read " Safety pin with beads"
I would NOT recommend including a safety pin in your I-Spy bag unless you super glue it shut... b/c the bag is still very flexible and kids could work it open if they tried.. and then you'd have a sharp end tossing around inside the bag that could either cause a hole or poke someone accidentally.
oh lookie there is a big wiggly eye ball :) those are fun looking aren't they?

and you'll notice inside Heidi's bag she used very small white almost clear beads as her filler. MUCH better than using bean bag Styrofoam filler which I learned the hard way the static of it sticks to the window :( TOO Much...
I used rice in my bag - but I think then you'd have to worry with what if the bag got wet? yuck.. so far that hasn't happened to mine... although b/c it is SO lost who knows? maybe it did get wet and David threw it away??? I'm telling you Dix, I searched and searched for that bag... and turned the den upside down and sideways! LOL

ooough lookie... a cute little lizard! and a school bus... I think that big orange circle is a huge button...?
and the photo below shows a foot print and a sea shell...

There are tons of things around the house you can save up and use that you wouldn't have to go out and buy - like bread ties, clothes pins, school eraser, an old keys you don't know what they go to??? one of those per bag would be fun! Of course buying a pack of Lego's would go far.. or a jig saw puzzle and only put one piece per bag... I'd also buy a package of the fat rubber bands... and gosh there are so many ideas to come up with - I'm sure Taylor will have a lot of fun with this :)
Let me know if you have any questions... I wish I had thought of something like this when I was a kid - what fun it would have been to make these up with my mom and then sell and get all the money!!! whoot wooot! :)
Instead about the most creative business opportunity I ever came up with was parking cars for $3/car in my dad's cow pasture when the Fruit of the Loom had their family day picnic across the road where I grew up... I did make enough money that summer to pay my way to 4H camp so I was 100% happy :)
Well gotta run for now.... good luck Dixieldy!
Love from Texas!

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  1. Oh Bonnie- I just love these ISpy bags. I have asked Taylor, her boyfriend and my son Austin to help me. Austin is more than happy to do so. These look simple enough to do just by looking at the pics. I am going to start looking this week for stuff to put inside the bags. I haven't received the boxes yet, just letting you know. When they do arrive, I'll send ya an email.

    Thanks so much for doing this for us!!! Hugsss



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