Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun Friday = work and then play

Well since someone shared the link to Quiltmakers' sneak peak at part 2 on their web page earlier this week... I told myself that if I washed and folded at least 3 loads of laundry this morning then I would treat myself for some play time in the sewing room during Nap Time ;)

Thankgoodness for digital cameras and how they allow us to see mistakes sometimes "before we make them" such as above... notice anything different from my blocks than the printout?

Now this is better ;)

Since all of my scrappy 4-patches are reserved for my swap I'm hosting I only had a handful of extras to use as the center unit for these blocks so I didn't make up many. But it was fun to get a head start while I wait on my Sept/Oct issue of Quiltmaker. ;)

Below in the little basket are my 7 sets I made up for the swap. :) Can't wait to swap them out for new scrappies :) Waiting on only 1 more package.... and if it arrives tomorrow I very well may be able to have them all swapped out and back in the mail system on Monday!! I know everyone is anxious to get stared on Part 2 and they will need their swap blocks before they can get stared.

This is my smallest swap EVER. Only 10 of us can you believe it? and only 500 4-patches. These were so fast and fun... and b/c they are a popular size and unit for Bonnie Hunter's patterns.

I'm considering making it an ongoing swap - due each quarter (like I did last year for the mini 9-patches) and can swap up to 10 sets of 10 each time? Just waiting to see if there is an interest for this before I decide.

Anyone else getting a head start before their magazine is delivered???

Love from Texas!


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