Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well here is a look at my design wall taken about this time yesterday just as the twins were waking up from nap time... only 4 blocks left to sew together and then all 3 sets of 8 Jewel Boxes complete for Crazy'boutquilts' swap.

Only... the more I admired them on my design wall... the more I thought I may back out of mailing them off... after all these are all so pretty, and made by me... and what if... anyone else out there ever get the Swapping Jitters?

Love from Texas!


  1. Just gorgeous - I'd have jitters too!!

  2. Oh Bonnie, that would so stay in my house, lol! Great job, love it, Elaine

  3. One of my favorite patterns! Your quilt is gorgeous. Can't beat a scrappy quilt.

  4. Great pattern and your scraps are planned out so well. I would have trouble sending those blocks off too!

  5. It is beautiful, I have this pattern on my to do shelf :)and I would definitely have the jitters.

  6. Great design wall and love the Jewel quilt.


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