Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whew - Mail Call at last!

I was so glad to see these show up today! I was starting to get a little worried... there are still several packages "out" and the due date is quickly approaching (8/1)
These beautiful scrappy 4-patches from iquiltalot! Cool

I was starting to get worried when nothing was in my mailbox yesterday (Mon)..... but when I was walking back in form the mailbox today, I noticed something...
now how am I suppose to notice anything on that grill!??!? Guess you can tell we don't cook out often ea? Roll Eyes and I know it's no one's fault but mine that things get piled up around here....

but I didn't see those two packages on the grill's handle... guess they were delivered yesterday?!... one is a box of DVDs and VHS shows that SavedSinnr gifted to my kids for the price of shipping - isn't that generous!? Big Grin
and the other package had...... scrappy 4-patches in it from everythingquilts Cool and this was her 2nd attempt to ship to me b/c the first time she put them in the SASE to herself!
whoo hoo! that makes a total of 5 swappers Rec'd and waiting on the other 7 Wink Should be a lot like Christmas the next few days with packages on the way!
Other NEWS - Everyone keep an eye on your mailbox for the Sept/Oct issue that includes Part 2 of "Christmas Lights" as I read today on the quiltvillechat yahoo group where about a dozen members received their issue in today's mail! Eek Razz Eek Razz
I can't wait for my mail lady tomorrow... for more my copy and also more packages from my swappers of course!! Wink

Love from Texas!


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