Monday, June 7, 2010


Not a quilter? or know someone who has asked for a quilt but you're not sure if they are quilt gift worthy? you know what I'm talking about - you don't think they'd appreciate all the work involved in making a quilt... Honestly it is VERY difficult for me to gift a quilt to ANYONE after the burns I've had in the past .....even with my own family! *gasp*

Maybe you'd like to have a good quilt to use outdoors for picnics or the beach....

If you answered yes to any of these questions... then have I found a great solution for you! ;)Look what I spotted this weekend while shopping at Walmart. It really is an UNBEATABLE deal!!!

Yep you're seeing it right.... only $19 Better Homes and Gardens Quilt & TOTE bag to carry it in. Love the Red/White/Blue patterns! Very nice.

You can not even buy the batting for $19 much less the fabric for the piecing of a quilt top or backing fabric... always wanted a Red/White/Blue quilt for using on picnics...but didn't know how to quilt??? Go to walmart and buy one of these!! They would make a great gift for someone getting married....

Love from Texas!


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