Monday, June 14, 2010

Lots of mail to report!

More swap blocks!!! You're looking at a pile of 50 scrappy 4 patch blocks as a matter of fact ;)

This weekend's mail brought a package from a first timer (with me) and boy oh boy -are these delicious!!! Very scrappy! ;) If I could hand select 1 or 2 to keep it would be so hard, b/c they are all sooooo cool. Guess I'm gonna have to get on the ball to make my own 20 sets for this swap so that I can have one of each ;) LOL or nearly....

Thanks yellowbee for participating in my swap! ;)

and guess what - remember how recently I was braggin on crocheted wash clothes - well.... waat to know something else I love that is crocheted? Tea Towels that are crocheted at the top! and again, I do not know how to crochet... but have been gifted a few of these over the years and no matter what the decoration or season on the towel, I use them all the time!

ESPECIALLY since I DISCOVERED they are PERFECT for using in the half bath downstairs!!! No more towels on the floor or running off with a wild child down the hall and into the den! :) Button one onto the towel bar above the toilet and WAAaaa - Laaa! ;) Perfect! The blue one came off today to go into the washer and up went the NEW tan/fall colored one with the "GOLD" fancy button... :)

Thank you yellowbee for sucha nice gift. You certainly did not have to - but I'm so glad that you did :)

Also, in the weekend's mailbox were these! I received HeartStrings blocks from sunshine quilter char77 :) Love these pinks & whites together!


Today's (Mon) brought a small box... with more swap blocks! ;) Weee this is so fun! Here are a few little sneak peeks for all of ya too ;)

Inside the top of the bag was this little note saying that those 7 blocks were for MEEEeee! :) I ♥ leftover blocks!!! TY♥TY♥TY Weasie for the extras - always a hostess' favorite gift. Below is a look at the 10 sets that she sent in. Mmmmmm! Weasie is also a 1st time swapper with me ;)

and just like over the weekend, there was also a package of string blocks with the swap blocks.... ;) take a look at what I found when I opened up the envelope from Faye....

What a kind note!! Thank you so much Faye... you taking the time to write me a little note means so much to me! So many times when I mail to other hostesses, I'm too rushed to write even anything - yet I do know how lovely it is to receive such a note and read it here on my end. Shame on me for not doing better... I'll try harder next time I mail to anyone. ;)

Your blocks are perfect for this project. Thank you!

Today during nap time - both Nora and I spent some time being creative....

She spent time creating a photo with makrers on her Glow Dome Doodle thing that MiMi bought her for Christmas last year. The only place downstairs that she can go see it in the dark is the half bath off the hall... ;) and yes... she's still in her PJ's - it's her 3rd week of summer but the FIRST Monday to stay at home all day! 1st week of summer she had swim lessons and last week Creativity camp each day 8am - Noon.... so yeah this week we're staying at home and working on teaching the twins to GO Potty "ON & IN" the Potty..... today was day 1 and I can't even begin to tell you how challenged I felt. More like DEFEATED! but that is a whole 'nother post....

Nora wasn't the only one being creative.....when I was upstairs getting the twins down for nap time, I stopped by the scrap bin in the guest room and dug out these..... I've put off making a name badge long enough for my new to me QUILT GUILD ;) This Thursday will be my 3rd meeting which is the due date to have made my own "stitched name badge" With these scraps I had 3 different ideas in mind.....

and once I got started, I ended up coming up with this... still need to finish stitching my name before going any farther... but I chose a 1930's scrap to frame the name... "secondary colors purple, green and oranish/red" and then framed it with a dark chocolate brown background fabric with pink and green owls... I do keep late hours up all night... Whooo me? LOL I do want that whole owl on the left to stay... but thinking I'm gonna trim some off the other 3 sides... trim or fold to the back...?

oh and guess what I got about a week ago? a netbook - mini laptop! It's so light I can easily hold and carry with only using ONE HAND! :) perfect for on the go... I don't plan to "work" on it - just read email and blog hop. ;) It was nearly free... using the $300 Best Buy Gift card that we got as part of the negotiation when we bought the new TV Cabinet at the Furniture store Mother's Day weekend last month. ;) We've had it a week but today was the first time I turned it on! David took it with him to Galveston last week and we were able to Skype video call each other each night. :)

Well I guess this post is long enough for now. I hope to report back soon with a finished name badge... if I don't have it to wear this week - I will not be eligible to win a door prize. I'm really looking forward to going Thursday ;) I got an email that they will be taking photos of new members for their directory! Weee!!! Someone remind me to wear makeup again OK? :P LOL

Love from Texas!


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