Monday, June 21, 2010

Did you know you can Get Paid to REUSE! ;)

MOST of the time when I grocery shop I remember to take my reusable bags. I have the bright blue KROGER ones that I stared using about 3 years ago... but the one I'm showing above is also a bag bought from Kroger but their logo is really small and I really like the green Reuse on the side..

Recently while shopping and checking out at my CVS pharmacy store - guess what I spotted hanging by the checkout. This little leaf bag tag.

If you attach it TO ANY reusable shopping bag - doesn't have to be one of theirs **although theirs are cute** and you have your bag with you when you shop and have them scan the back of your Reuse Bag Tag then you will earn $1 extra buck on every 4th visit!

How cool is that! I paid $0.99 and in 3 more visits I'll get my first $1 extra buck back form using it! I even bought one for David to keep in his truck and use too b/c half of the time he stops in there on his way home from work to pick up his prescription or whatever item we need that can't wait till the next big trip to the grocery.

I attached my little plastic leaf to the small loop that is on the side of the bag that was used to hang them on the rack at the store. It hides nicely hanging down inside my bag ;)

I love CVS! Do you have one near where you live?

Love from Texas!


  1. We have a CVS close by. I like getting the extra bucks. Will have to get one of these tags next time I'm in there. I love your blog. How do you get so much done?

  2. I was just in there yesterday and saw those. Should have bought one then, but I'm sure I will next time. Those reusable bags are the greatest.

  3. That is a great idea! In Europe I always try to remember my bags or else you pay anywhere from 35 - 50 cents PER bag - even some of the clothing stores. But I do miss the old, super sturdy brown paper bags we used to get back in the day - my family always used them for book covers and gift wrap (decorated with our own art, of course!). Cheers! Evelyn


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