Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swap blocks from Lisa S

What cute cards! I have some like these with our family info on them and a photo of all of us from a birthday party a few years back... I think I paid $10 for 500 of them and still have lots left. They sure are handy for handing out when you want to give someone your phone number or website ;)

I can already tell from Lisa's ziplock that she's got it packed to the rim with beautiful fabrics!!!

again I've spotted 3 sets of nearly identical twins LOL

I know everyone loves sneak peaks ....and not meaning to spoil any surprise for you here's 3 clues of what will be returned to each of you in August..... everyone in the swap will be guaranteed to receive one of each of these ;)

Since there are 39 of us... and 40 of the blocks in each of those photos...... again, so thankful we have a big group of us... other wise it wouldn't work out as easy. Lisa S will get 2 of her own back of these leaving 1 of those for everyone else in the swap. ;)

However all in all - there are a lot of variety of great fabrics in her swap package! Thanks Lisa S for participating in my swap I'm so glad you found us! ;)

Whew - now that all 3 of Friday's packages have been opened, logged in, and photo shooted... this late night owl is loggin off and headed to bed now! ;) Have a great weekend everyone!

Love from Texas!

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  1. I'm famous! Jk. Glad you got my squishy safe and sound. I'm glad we're not glass blowers or something - that would be hard to pack. Lisa S.


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