Monday, June 7, 2010

SubeeSews is the FIRST Scrappy Swapper to Arrive!

Yesterday, (Sat) when I checked my mailbox - there I found the very 1st package from my scrappy swap! From SubeeSews and it doesn't surprise me that she arrived first.... she is a HUGE Bonnie Hunter fan and has made and shown several "quiltville" patterns that she's completed over on her blog.. I highly recommend a blog visit if you've not heard of Suebee. ;)

She did a great job preparing her swap blocks for mailing to me that I thought I'd take a few photos. First off she included an envelope with $6 cash and a Priority Mail label all filled out with my name and addy as from and her addy for the TO spot.. that will be super easy peasy for me to stick onto one of the priority envelopes I have on hand here at home ;) and although it only cost her $5.15 to mail to me, I'll have just enough to add Delivery confirmation to hers on the way back to her (I'm pretty sure they are only $0.60) and that way she'll have a number to track when I return it...

Here's a peak inside her big gallon ziplock. No pins and no need for separate baggies... just off set each group and I can easily pick them out of the bag and lay them out by color group...

Ta-DA!! You are looking at 20 sets ... YES, 200 scrappy 4 patch blocks!!! Beautiful aren't' they??

Thanks Subee for letting me share photos of your swap package. :) and also - you are the 1st so that means you win a little something from me... I always do that for my swaps for the first package/s to arrive. Years ago when I did monthly noodles I once had 5 tie for 1st on the same day ;) and yes, all 5 won a little something from me ;)

The due date for these scrappies isn't' until July 31st but I have a feeling there will be more in my mailbox soon! ;) We have over 40 swappers and sign-ups are CLOSED.... however I am hosting the exact same swap again this fall with a due date of 10/31.

Love from Texas!


  1. WhooooHoooo! I am #1!
    And I am Bingo-Bonnie and Bonnie Hunter's #1 fan too!

    Swappers, All I did was follow Bingo-Bonnie's clear instructions on packaging and mailing.


  2. What a fun swap! Love the 4patches :)
    Helen in the UK
    (another Bonnie 'fan')


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