Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodies in the Mailbox again! ;) Package Received form Bails

Look how green the front yard is looking! What little rain we received really helped a lot! Take a look what I found today in my mailbox yesterday 6/23..... ;)

HGTV Sunshine Quilter wiley sent me these pink/white string blocks. It's been a while since I counted them but I have quite a stack and will have to get them all out soon as the month is almost over... and I'll be sending on to Sue & Mary of the HeartStrings Project on behalf of all us over on the boards.

Also inside the mail box was this package from swapper bails

thank you * thank you * THANK YOU for the extra 4 patch blocks!!! I la,la,love "leftovers" ;)

Leftovers - the kind with zero calories! :)

and can you take a guess why the kids were are all wearing hats last night around 6:00 pm???

It's b/c the BIRTHDAY GIRL Nora (turned 6 today) and I asked her what she wanted to help me make for supper tonight - our usual Birthday supper is spaghetti - and I was really thinking she'd want the same only with MEATBALLS instead of our usual meat sauce....

but no, this 6 year old Birthday girl had other plans - Momma, I want to go to the PLAY McDonalds - and this time I don't want to "ride thru the window stop" I want to GO INSIDE - PLA-PLEeeeese!"

Well, how can you say no to that? It was her idea for everyone to wear a hat...after all if you ask her she will tell you that "she's the boss of what we do for her dinner"... and we all did. Yep, David thru on a Firestone Cap and I grabbed my Texas Longhorns sun visor. :P

Nora ready? ...CHECK!

Olivia ready? ... CHECK!

Paul Thomas ready? ... CHECK!

Tally Ho... Here we GO!

Happy Birthday Nora!!!

....cha, cha, cha ;)

Her REAL party isn't until we return from vacation. In July we will be having a POOL PARTY for all the kids since they all had birthdays back to back.

Love from Texas!


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