Monday, June 7, 2010

Just stuff

OK so raise your hand if you have an ever G-R-O-W-I-N-G list of quilts on your "TO-DO" list...

Ummm, hum.... I'm sure some of you are like me and are sitting there raising BOTH hands! :P LOL How is it, that in my head I can think of a hundred quilts or projects that I would love to make in just a matter of minutes?! I guess that is one of the downfalls of blog reading - LOTS of inspiration!

Today I went up to the sewing room just to look for a bundle of FQs that I had from a "Buy in" that I organized a few years back when my friend Karen still had her quilt shop in my hometown in KY.

One of the buy in participants had sent me a message asking me if I knew where she could get some more of those blenders... (see them stacked there on the left in the photo above?)

Well Karen's shop has been closed for over a year now, and the quilt I was saving my own bundle for - I no longer need to save them for it anymore! :) As you might remember JudyL surprised me with her quilt she named after me called BINGO WHIRL a couple months back (I posted about it HERE in March with pics) It's published in her 2nd book called "Weekend Quilts" - CLICK here to take you to a description of it from Amazon.

So it looks like I'll be letting my HGTV Friend MyJack buy my bundle from me :) Although I'm gonna sorta miss them - they all look so great together and I had hoped to one day pair them up with the fabrics on the right... but i know they'll be used for something great that she has planned.

So while in the guest/sewing room looking around... I started noticing things... you know those have not been touched in foreveah! things! Like the checker board block I made up when I was makin gmini 9 patches a couple years ago and swapping each quarter. I just loved that heart print fabric too much to swap those - and decided they all needed to be together. Well together they are - but are they done? no. Most likely will become a little doll quilt... with those puppy dog fabric as either a border or backing or both. For my son Paul Thomas... ;)

Another example - this fabric. The stripe is a "sear sucker" type fabric that I bought when Hancock's was closing = 3 YEARS AGO.... but today I noticed that it might go with this DORA the Explorer Fabric that has a blue background... that's not TOO girlie right??? and since GREEN is Paul Thomas' favorite color - I found a green blender type fabric to use for the background of the stripes on the front of the throw... so now all I need is to re-pin baste it and buy some blue thread that matches the Dora fabric. Again for Paul Thomas - he la,la,LOVES Dora!!!!

and then I noticed this bin of I-Spy fabrics ..... more I-Spys.... which I really need to pull out piece by piece and photograph for my HGTV friend jamauk in WA state. She and I are thinking of doing a trade.... and I think I have more than enough to share with her ;) How about a JUICY HAMBURGER Jessica??? LOL

and speaking of HGTV friends.... this is a siggy block that I passed around from the retreat last year and have YET to do anything with it. Some retreat members made theris into a center of a throw quilt - or even a pillow... I'm thinkin more along the lines of just a small wall hanging quilt to have hanging up on the wall in my sewing room :) I did find some PERFECT Blue fabric to use to frame it... maybe some small 1" finished HSTs then a solid border and then bind... hummmm... just thinking ahead.... no clue when I'll ever get round to any of this, as my swap I'm hosting is my priority right now....and the Downey Quilts for Kids project, and the rest of my MBH blocks for crazy...and still need to make more 1930's Jewel Box blocks and that pieced border....

speaking of - HERE is the last of my 1930's stash.

Aaaak! What on earth will I ever do when they are allllll gone!??! I so love 1930's! I have 3 quilts in progress using them... at least they are not still on the "TO-DO" list anymore .... but the "GET er done!" list instead :P

Love from Texas!


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