Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm the luckiest girl in Texas!

Surly you've seen JudyL's current book Weekend Quilts over at her blog or on other people's blogs that have ordered their copy of the book. Well I've been anxious and looking forward to seeing inside of it - after all - I did notice that she has included her "Leaf Season" pattern in it - and I've lost my pattern for mine that is about half done - so getting a copy of her book was a MUST! ;)

Unlike everyone else, I didn't order the book though, b/c I had hopes of meeting Judy in real life on one of her upcoming visits to the area... but then Paul Thomas was so sick for a 12-14 day stretch and things just simply didn't work out for us to get together and meet. I had given up my hopes of getting a personalized signed copy while getting to meet Judy.

Well guess what came today!? I had just came down stairs from putting the twins down for nap time and checked the laptop on the kitchen counter... when guess who popped up in my Skype... JudyL saying "Check your front door"

and so I did - and indeed there was a Rubbermaid container box out there.. so I brought it in to open it not at all prepared for what I'd find. Nora was asking all kinds of questions. "Oh momma, a cooking set! Can I help you make something?" LOL and yes it's after 2pm and we were both still in our PJs - it's Spring Break and we didn't go anywhere today! :P

So I opened the box and OOOOough lookie, LOOKIE!!!

My autographed copy of JudyL's own book!!!

Funny how Judy just happened to be on line as I discovered the box at the front door - and I couldn't help but look for a hidden camera when I quickly jumped out there to retrieve the box and then back inside before someone saw me in my PJs. LOL

But I'm so glad that she was online at the same time as me so I could immediately share my excitement with her and THANK her!!! ...and thank her - and ....ThAnK her! ;)

Because in between the typing to her and the photo taking - I was soooo excited that I didn't even realize that I was holding my cheek with my hand when Nora took this one of me :P with my mouth wide open... I was simply BLOWN AWAY!

Can you GUESS what else was included with the book... ONE of the QUILTS that is in the book!

From page 12 her quilt she named "Bingo Whirl" she sent to come live with me. She had already told me months ago that she had named one after me aka "bingo~bonnie" using a set of FQs I mailed to her with a clover seam ripper a couple years back.

The set had two different shades of lime and bright greens in it and it reminded me of JudyL! ;) and I just knew she would love them... and all of the bright colors.

I had no idea she would turn them into a quilt that she'd later gift to me! to me!?! little ole me! Funny how with all my excitement and me telling Nora "This is Bingo Whirl, this is Bingo Whirl..." she started begging me to teach her how to play it. LOL Bingo Whirl sounded like a fun and exciting game to her. ;)

I've been waiting and anxious to see just what Bingo Whirl looked like in the book... never dreaming that I'd get to see it up close and in my own hands!!! Eeek! I'm the luckiest girl in Texas! and I've been smiling all day!!! It is soooo pretty! I love it.

Nora even played under it some while I tried to take photos.. and she kept saying mMMm momma this smells so good!!!

As I chatted with Judy on Skype, she sat and looked thru the book and loves "Just Snowballs" she said - "Oh how did she know THESE are ALL my favorite colors!" ;)

I'm not sure when we will get to get started on Nora's Snowballs... as I still have 2 "I-Spy Quilts" to make before the twins 3rd Birthday in June... but I'm sure she will be keeping an alert eye for "all her favorite colors" next time we are shopping! ;)

and speaking of favorites, Weekend Quilts is full of all of my favorites that I've watched Judy design and make over the years of reading her blog. In my opinion this is such a clever way that Judy has broken down the directions into "Hour" assignments!

I can't wait to finish up my Leaf Season UFO and look forward to making several more patterns in the book too.I love my Bingo Whirl as much as I do organizing my annual Fat Quarter Bingo Game!! and this couldn't have arrived at a better time - b/c we are in the sign-up time of our 5th year and packages are arriving daily, I'm updating my "bingo brain" aka spreadsheet... replying to emails, updating the blog... posting on the board... all a whirl and lovin it! ;)

Thanks again Judy!!! You have made me the luckiest girl in Texas!

Oh and take a peak at Nora... when I showed her your photo in the back of the book and that you were the author AND like the illustrator too... that you had designed each quilt b/c you are like an artist.. that got her motivated to grab her paper and markers and begin creating her own quilt design too! ;)

and like you - without even knowing it - I think she's breaking it down into "hour" segments too... LOL she was quite tired after drawing over 272 circles on her quilt... whew! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. FABULOUS!!! I love it!!!!! I'm so happy for you, you deserve every happy inch. Bug, Texas sized hugs and thankyous to Judy for making you so happy! Nancy

  2. Lucky, lucky you! Once you play a round of Bingo Whirl you'll need to post the directions so that we can all play along!! Ha!! Love the photos, love the quilt, love the fact that it was "jammie day" in TX, what a wonderful surprise for you!

  3. Congratulations to lucky you! That is so neat that she turned you gift into a regift, ha ha!
    On the other post regarding your photo choice, you are so very photogenic! I like your friendly smile in all. Maybe 3, or 5?

  4. What a great book to have and I have to tell you I LOVE your Bingo quilt.

  5. What an incredible day you had! EVERYONE needs a wonderful day like that, once in a while!

  6. What a wonderful suprise...enjoy the quilt and the book...Jackie

  7. How exciting and fun is that? You are the LUCKIEST girl in TX! Love the thought of having the steps broken down into hours. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on a copy of that.

  8. Exciting!The quilt is beautiful--I am going to look for the book. Your daughter is precious.

  9. Your quilt pressie is gorgeous, it seems your daughter made her own game - gotta love that.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my Christmas Wish quilt in flickr. Thought I'd come by and say hello and check out all your goodies. Lots of inspiration here, I love the scrappy look. May just need to check out that book sounds like my kinda quilt book. Enjoy the weekend

  10. I just wish I could've seen your face! I'm thrilled you were surprised and happy with it. Maybe I should've sent Nora her own book! :)


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