Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rip-it! Rip-it!........Rip-it! Rip-it!

Remember my little duckies on my "first ever free motion quilting project"?? Well if I didn't know better, I'd think they are turning into FROGS!

all of the 4-patches quilted up fast and fun.. then there were the 6" duckies.. what to do? what to do? I thought I had a cute idea of using a small snack cup to trace two circles in the center of the block and then only free motion inside those lines making them look like those life rings you see hangin on the fence near swimming pools

Well after I got to the 3rd block I just knew I had made a HUGE mistake - it just looked terrible!!! No rhyme or reason - just a huge mess in there. YUCK! So much for trying to be creative. :/

So this little quilt has been my front seat passenger for the last week! Everyday while waiting in the carpool line, the only "hand work" I've been doing is - rip-it! rip-it! rip-it!

Yesterday I even caught a photo of Nora before she climbed up into the van ;)

Can't believe she's a big kid at school already! Guess who else will be ready to go before i know it!?

Today when he spilled half of the brand new Cherrieo's box I was thirilled to clean it up - such a better smelling and easier faster clean up than all the yuck he provided ALL last week :/ Poor thing was so sick.. took him to the Doctor Monday and nothing she could give us except diet advice b/c his symptoms sounded viral to her. I've cut out all of his milk for a week.. and offering him lots of bananas and yogurt and it's seemed to help some.

OK - 'nuff about that kind of yuck... back to the ripping out of the yuck quilting... yep that's me parked out in th eschool parking lot - I was waiting on a friend who wanted to give me money for the Crayola Challenge Raffle. She never showed, but that's OK - I got a lot done during that time and the kids rocked out to the Go Fish Guys with the windows rolled down :)

Click on the album to take you to the page to preview these CUTE songs!

I'm sure I could have gotten a little more done if I didn't have to keep hitting the button to repeat their favorite song... every 3:15 minutes! LOL but that's OK, it's one of my favorites too - have you heard the MOM SONG?? If not click the link. ;) It's cute!

well - at least the border that I did with bad tension ripped out rather quickly... as I chickened out of anything creative and just decided to do long wavy lines.... and I think they will work perfectly. ;)

Boy oh boy am I sooooo looking FORWARD to getting this baby done so I can bind and wash it! I've longer time doing the Rip-it! Rip-it! than I the time it took me to make the whole thing! Sheesh. :P

Love from Texas!


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