Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mail call - strings in the mailbox!

Pink strings around white arrived in my mailbox yesterday from two HGTV Sunshine Quilters - zizzybob and KC1930. I'm hosting for the month of June and like in years past have decided to collect string blocks and mail in as a donation from our group to HeartStrings Quilt Project. Together as a group we are able to send in over a hundred or so each year. Wink

zizzy also included money for Tickets for the Crayola Challenge Quilt Raffle - all proceeds to go to the Ronald McDonald House Charity - see my sidebar for more info. Thanks zizzybob!!!

Even though my hosting month isn't until June - They were both super smart to think ahead and include them in with their BINGO packages - what? You haven't heard yet???

Our 5th Annual HGTV Fat Quarter BINGO game is now underway! Check the board for our thread and get signed up to play if you haven't already!! This year is sure to be the biggest and best yet! Wink more info and photos over at my newest blog www.fatquarterbingo.blogspot.com

Invites went out a couple weeks ago to all past players (staggering the invites to each group help so much with email volume) but now just this week, I've opened the invite to any and all new players! EVERYONE is INVITED to PLAY with US! Big Grin

Yesterday was the first day of BINGO mail - to read all about click over to the fatquarterbingo blog link above.

Love from Texas!


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