Monday, March 8, 2010

Time to wash!

Just as I started running the water two little helpers cam running to see what it was that I was doing.

"Oh WOOK!" Olivia & Paul Thomas loved seeing all the bubbles!

I was pretty excited about washing it too - I couldn't wait to see how crinkely it would turn out. And I did do a 2nd rince after the washing and of course I added some Downy too! ;)

Ta-Da!! Here it is all finished and Elaine was right - the mistakes did seem to disappear ;)

what a cute quilt - if I do say so myself. Thanks Quilts for Kids for sending me such a cute kit of fabrics to make up this quilt and send back! I Love it and someday a child will too!

and now it's time to fold up and put my quilting gloves away and change my threads... can anyone guess what they are sitting on or how long I've had it?

because I have another project to work on! ;) Stay tuned... JudyL's design wall Monday is tomorrow!

Love from Texas!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute quilt~ and love the shot of the little helpers making sure it gets a good wash. LOL :-) Hmm, silver serving tray for threads? Was it a wedding gift? And its Monday~ what is behind gate #1?! :-)) Have a great day Bonnie!


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