Monday, March 8, 2010

The "Stripes" One Yard Wonder x2 Project is a GO again!

You may remember when I started this quilt project in January? February 1st was the last time I showed it hanging on the fence by the driveway with all blocks except one sewn together and I was putting it on hold until later...

Well a couple of weeks ago my HGTV friend IowaLisa mailed me some red fabric from her stash - about 3 or 4 yards because from looking at my blog she thought she had something that would work well for a border since I had second thoughts about that floral fabric... and Take a look - I think she was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

for about a week I had it laid out on the dining room floor looking at it and evaluating it each time I passed by...

I do like the brown inner border but some how it just didn't seem to be enough... then I got to thinking about that gold color in the striped fabric... here's a close up of a block so you can see the gold I'm talking about...

so I took a trip upstairs and shopped my fabric stash... and found a goldish tan...

and I didn't have to leave it there for a week and pass by to decide...

I immediately thought YES! - I think I have found a winner! Thank you IowaLisa!

and maybe - JUST MAYBE - I can for the first time ever teach myself how to miter the borders! after all -the whole quilt is made up of mitered looking stripe blocks. Also I think sewing all three borders together before adding to the quilt top will save a lot of time of me down on the floor pinning for each round. ;)

Wish me luck on mitered borders! Any "MUST KNOW TIPS" you'd like to share with me? I'm planning to use Jaybird Quilts tutorial. Wish me luck!

So there you have it - this is what's on my design wall or rather design floor today - hop on over to the Mr Linky at JudyL's and see what everyone else is working on ;)

and while you're over at JudyL's - be sure and refresh her page by clicking on the Patchwork Times banner at the top to take you to her whole blog and scroll down and enjoy all the posts she's been sharing of FINISHING up Binding on all of her quilts! I think she's on #10 already!!!

Love from Texas!


  1. allpeoplequilt.com has a good mitered corner tutorial. I'm thinking of trying it on a quilt with a directional border.

  2. That little bit of gold border sure brings out the gold in the blocks. Good choice! Love the quilt!

  3. I love the quilt and your border choice! Somewhere I got some striped fabric waiting patiently to become a similar quilt...
    Good luck with your mitered corners!

  4. Good luck with the miters...I find it quite trickey, but worth the effort.
    It's amazing when everything falls into place and you get "the right" fabric!

  5. How great to have friends that not only help you pick out fabrics but actually provide them as well! I love the colors you have chosen for your borders and think they will come out great. Just take your time with the corners and you will be surprised how easy they become the more you do.

  6. Ooooh, love it! What pattern did you use for the quilt blocks?? Very cool.

  7. try going light (ivory?) for that inner border! It will make the squares pop I bet.


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