Friday, March 26, 2010

Taking Bernina on a little adventure...

I got a phone call from my friend Jill inviting me to come to her church Friday morning and sew with the ladies form her church while the kids ran and played in their gym.

Sure that sounds fun, right? ;) Didn't take me too long to pack up and get Ber"NINA" ready to go. She was actually easier than the twins. Not once did I have to make her be still or tell her not to take off her shoes *again* :P Where as Paul Thomas had to be RE-dressed not once but twice b/c he kept taking off his pants before I could get Olivia ready...

There were several ladies at the church workin on different things for the project.

It took me a while to finally figure out what to do with myself and my talents... the first hour I was learning about the project and getting set up and not to mention trying to keep my twins off of the table or stage.. and a nervous wreck about the hot iron and them grabbing the cord... but then Jill told me that I didn't have to sew gowns, that I could make a quilt if I liked... and she showed me a whole bag of donated fabrics... then when I was ready to get rockin & rollin - my machine acted up. Great.

It also didn't help that the light bulb over the needle burned out and I could not see what I was doing. Figures. :P

Love from Texas!


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