Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How big is a good sized sofa quilt?

"Christmas Lights" - Quiltmaker Magazine 2009 Mystery
Designed by Bonnie Hunter
Finished size is 63.5" x 75.5"

Last week there was chat about what is a good size to make for a "sofa quilt" and I had to share about the one I made and gave to my husband for Christmas as he uses it every night for watching TV on the sofa. Not once has he complained about it not being long enough... ;) so I wanted to share with my friend nancyc20 about it - but I couldn't remember the size...

I came to my blog and looked up all my posts about making the quilt.. but no where did I ever mention the finished size. It was a rainy day when I took this photo so the kitchen floor will have to do... and I can't tell you just how hard it was to SNEAK out the measuring tape to measure it - as all 3 of my children love those things and have to play with them anytime they see them which always leads to them breaking it! Thankfully they didn't see it... or rather "hear" it! ;)

So it measured 63.5" X 75.5" which I think is a perfect size for snuggling on the sofa. ;)

For a few weeks, I had been using my Round Robin Quilt that is square - it is NOT long enough and my feet ocme untucked. :( BUT - thanks to JudyL for surprising me with her gift of "Bingo Whirl" I too now have a perfect size for snuggling on the sofa!

Bingo Whirl finishes at 63" X 81" and now that I've washed it - it feels like it's hugging me as I lay under it! Judy is right about that Mountain Mist quilt batting!!! It's wonderful!

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  1. I love square quilts and try to keep my lap quilts between 70-80 inches. I know it's on the big size but I hate having my toes stick out when I'm snuggling. I also like to back my quilts with Flannel (even though I live in TX too). It just makes them extra soft and adds a great weight to them.


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