Sunday, February 28, 2010

Downy's Touch of Comfort

It will only take a moment to see this video - but like the actress/spokeswoman says at the beginning - it will leave a great impact!

I'm so glad I found it - Nora and I watched it together and it really opened her 5 year old eyes to see and understand what it means when we pray at bed time how grateful we are for having healthy kids and remember those who are sick and ask that God can place his healing hands on all the children who are in the hospital and bring them comfort, hope and healing to them and their parents.

Nora and I had talked before but now she understands why I'm making my ducky quilt to donate and seeing this video she got to see where it will go. She even asked if seh and I could go to Houston to the Texas Children's Hospital to visit them and give them a child the ducky quilt in person. She doesn't quite understand that only their family are allowed to see the sick kids.

anyway - here's the video. You will be inspired by these quilters and THE KIDS too!

For those of you not members of some online quilting chat-groups, perhaps you haven't read or heard about Quilts for Kids. I know some of you have commented back about my previous Quilts for Kids posts, and you are VERY welcome for the link to the kit request website. What a wonderful cause and something so simple for us to do who love quilting so dearly. Here is an informational message/email sent out and shared with us (posted at Quiltvillechat - Yahoo group)

Dear Quilters,

Each year in the United States, children account for more than six million hospital stays and must confront the challenges of overcoming illness while staying in unfamiliar hospital environments.

In January 2009, Quilts for Kids, Inc. kicked off a partnership with Downy fabric softener to launch the Downy Touch of Comfort program - bringing a "touch of comfort" to hospitalized children in Children's Miracle Network hospitals nationwide along with "Grey's Anatomy" star and mother of three, Chandra Wilson.

Now, Downy has developed a special documentary to raise awareness about the cause and Quilts for Kids' mission. The documentary shows the heartfelt effort that numerous people have put into helping these children feel close to home; from our quilters to the Downy Touch of Comfort spokeswoman, Chandra Wilson, many people have made a difference in the lives of children such as those seen in this film.

We encourage you to view the film and share it with others by sending them the links or by sharing this on your FaceBook page.

Link to Quilts for Kids: www.quiltsforkids.org

Link to Downy.com: www.downy.com/helpingkids

Link to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igraIvlADEs

As mentioned in the film, each purchase of a specially marked bottle of Downy will go back to Quilts for Kids to help us create more quilts for the millions of children that are hospitalized each year. The new specially marked bottle design features a "quilted" label and the Downy Touch of Comfort logo on the front, and five cents from each of these specially marked bottles will help Quilts for Kids, Inc. and Downy reach our goal to deliver 10,000 more quilts to these children this year.

We truly appreciate your interest and continuing support of Quilts for Kids and Downy Touch of Comfort

One stitch, one quilt, one child at a time,

Sally Weber

Chapter Liaison
Quilts, for Kids, Inc.

It's Sunday and I'm excited to get back to working on the ducky quilt and filling it up with even more love than before - now that seeing this video has touched my heart! The faster I can get it quilted, the faster I can get the binding sewn on and sewn down... and the faster I can wash it up and with some of this! Have you purchased your bottle yet? The one with the quilt on the label?

....hopefully sometime this week as I'm already planning to go to the PO on Wednesday to ship off my Crayola Quilt... so if this one gets completed before then, then I can ship two quilts same day... one to NC and the ducky quilt to Quilts For Kids! ;)

Oh and did you notice in the video that BIG bag that they filled up with quilts!!!??? I have one like it and it does hold a lot! ;) I can put a whole king sized quilt in mine if I needed to!

Well until next time...

Happy Quilting!!!

Love from Texas!


  1. Thanks for continuing to raise awareness on this.

    I shouldn't have watched the video, I am all wet now.

  2. Oh Wow Bonnie, thanks so much for posting the video. I have made a couple of these quilts but seeing this video sure brings tears to your eyes. A heathy daughter is what I am most thanksful for.

    Kathie L.


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