Sunday, February 21, 2010

I couldn't help myself

This weekend I found myself over in the neighboring town that has our closest Joann's - Nora and I had gone over for a bowling birthday party and after it was over she was begging to go to Joann's!! ;) She loves to get little ceramic refrigerator magnets to paint... and she was out *gasp! LOL :P

So take a look at the goodies that I picked out for Paul Thomas' I-Spy quilt. It's hard to see from this photo but the green above the construction fabric on the bottom has robots on it. I love to hear Paul Thomas pretend to be a robot and talk in his robot voice!!! ;) And that fabric to the right of it is of oranges - and HE LOVES "norn-ges"!

After making Nora's a couple years back I have lots of left overs but was informed by Nora that we "do NOT have enough BOY ONES Momma!" So after I cut these I should have around 50-60 of the 100... I'm sure by the time I get them made I'll be ready to do some more shopping for his quilt.

It also helps that my HGTV friend Jessica is also working on collecting for I-Spy quilts for her two boys and she and I plan on trading fabrics with each other ;)

Love from Texas!

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