Monday, February 8, 2010

So - Who's the oldest person you know?

She was born in 1900 so what ever year it is, you just add 100 to it. And here I thought it was pretty clever that I just have to add 30 years to how ever old Nora is to remember how old I am :P

I'm not gonna place these next two photos side by side so that = that way you can click on to enlarge each one and read the article... ;)

But take a closer look..... this story is not hot off the press! It was written and published TWO years ago in 2008!

Isn't that a heart warming article...? Well it's especially nice to my step mom b/c it's written about her mother! ;) Before my dad married Clara, I had never met her mom. I do remember my mom telling stories about Mrs. Williams. My mom and Clara grew up as best friends only 2 days apart in age.

My baby book was gifted to my mother by Clara's mother... and I know that because she wrote inside the cover of it a note to my mom. ;) However I don't ever remember meeting Mrs. Williams until 2006 the year that Clara and Daddy married. Since then I've been to visit her about twice a year - every time I'm home in KY! David, the kids and I stop in for a visit at least once during our visit to Ky - that is if we are not sick or coming down with anything.

Granny Williams loves to see my children and always hands Nora a big basket to choose bookmarks that she's made from crocheting. We usually bring home dozens of them as everyday "except Sunday" Granny Williams still enjoys crocheting! Isn't that amazing!

I looked at Wikipedia for a long time tonight and found our all sort of stuff! I'd love to get Mrs. Williams listed as the oldest person living in the state of Kentucky - but after 30 minutes of clicking around I can not figure out who to contact or HOW. :/

But one of the things I learned was - people called “SUPERCentarians” are people who live over the age of 110.

Whoo hooo my Step Mom's mother is a SUPERCentarian! :)

I'm so glad I just happened to uncover this newspaper that my step mom gave me a couple years ago while cleaning in my sewing room this week. I thought it'd be perfect to share with you in honor of her 110th Birthday tomorrow, February 9th!

Happy Birthday Granny Williams!

Love from Texas!

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  1. What a great story! I can only imagine the stories she can tell :) thanks for sharing.


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