Monday, February 1, 2010

Downy & Quilt for Kids

Remember my quilt I put together recently... Well I just keep seeing more and more of these all around blog land and just today saw a TV Commercial with this new bottle on it as well as people giving out quilts to kids.

Have you heard about the kits that you can get in the mail for "Quilts for Kids" – I learned about it from the www.downy.com web site. Actually here's the page where you can request a free kitAnd from going to Downy just now I realized that they have a new bottle with a quilted quilt on it – and it said –

How you can help. You can help donate 10,000 comforting, handmade quilts to hospitalized children. Now, when you purchase Downy with the quilted label, 5¢ goes to our charity partner, Quilts for Kids.**

Wow – that is awesome!


Although all the kits I've seen have been the same pattern as mine – they don't have to be – several other designs can be found here

and I'm not sure if where you work does a United Way campaign each year ... but before I was a stay at home mom, I worked at Monsanto and they did. We weren't forced to give, but strongly recommended... If I were still working I'd make sure to code mine so that it went to Quilts for Kids - here is a link to more information on how you can make sure your United Way donation goes to help them.


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