Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you Ms. Eleanor!

Today I found *Another* Check in the mailbox from my reader Mrs. Eleanor!!!! My second reader to support me in raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charity!! Whoo hoo! this helps put me over the $200 mark that I've raised... it will be sent off to our coordinator quiltaholic in my next mailing. ;) As a group we are hoping to raise more than the $4,000 we raised last year to give to RMHC.

More quilts have arrived - click over to Quiltaholic's blog to have a look. Mine hasn't been mailed off yet... as I'm hoping to hear back from the local newspaper still. If I don't get a call back or reply email this week I will give up on the local papers.

However on the good news side - I ALSO send an email to CKNJ, the Central Kentucky News Journal - in my KY hometown where I grew up and they ARE very excited about featuring me and my quilt in their "Milestones" section of the paper!!! Weee! I'm not even going to tell my Dad & Clara - just let them open up one Monday or Thursday and see me there! ;) Of course when they replied they said that they wanted a photo of me to go with the story - so that will be interesting to see what I come up with them. I doubt they'll want any funny faces that I've been known to take. :P

...and just b/c that post was in 2008 doesn't mean that was the last time I played in the mirror... LOL I have lots more since then - I just haven't shown ya. Guess I'm waiting to be double dog dared or something... :P

So thank you to my blog readers who are thinking about donating a few bucks to this great charity of the Ronald McDonald House - every little bit gets added up and together we can make a great contribution!!! and Not to mention - all of those who help out get CHANCES TO WIN SOME BEAUTIFUL QUILTS!!! ;)

I told my dad about selling $200 worth already and about the two blog readers who have sent in checks... and he told me, "Well that's no good, you're ruining my chances of winning... that cancels out the $10 I gave you."

I told him, "Well Daddy, that just means you'll have to send me money EVERY month from now until September for MORE CHANCES!!!" :P

and he laughed as he replied, "Well maybe so. You could sell freezers to people in Alaska couldn't you?" :P LOL

Well maybe so - but I don't want to find out. I just want to sell chances on quilts! ;) Thanks again Mrs. Eleanor for helping me with my goal to help the RMHC!

Love from Texas!


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