Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little Show-N-Tell from today

Today I took the Crayola Challenge Quilt with me to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) to show some of my new friends. Months ago when telling a little about ourselves I mentioned that I liked quilting...

But I don't think that this 20-30 something crowd took it to mean that I actually made quilts! LOL During meet & greet time, when we enjoy some breakfast foods and chit chat before the meeting begins - it was certainly an eye catcher and lots of people ooooughed and aaahed over it! :)

It was fun to tell them why I made it and about getting a sea green crayon in the mail... and that all the proceeds from the quilt raffle were going to The Ronald McDonald House Charity. I even came home with two donations for quilt chances!!! and a couple others said they'd give me $$ next month!

But during the craft time, the decorative serving spoon that we all made was proof that I'm just not what they call.... crafty. :P Cute idea and I saw some great ones at the table I was sitting at... but my stones just weren't secured tight enough to stay put.

Oh well. Everyone's got their touch of Martha

I'm just thankful mine is in the quilting category! ;)

Love from Texas!


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